Solar Attic Pool Heater


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Additional Information and Specifications: “SOLAR Pool Heating without the problems of roof mounts, heat pumps, and gas or electric heat.

Heat exchanger that cools your attic while heating your pool. No roof-mounted panels, efficient and quiet operation. Fully automatic system with controller. Installation extra.

System Description: A heat exchanger (radiator and fan unit) is installed in the attic. Pool water is diverted to the heat exchanger when temperatures in the attic are 20 degrees warmer than the pool temperature. The fan draws hot air from across the attic, passing it over the radiator coil, removing heat from the attic and transferring it to the pool. This, in effect, turns the entire roof surface into a solar collector. Cooling the attic will also reduce air conditioning costs, as the air conditioning ducts will be operating with less heat gain. Automatic drain back system prevents water damage to attic in the event of a leak.
No roof-mounted panels required
Reduces air conditioning costs by cooling attic space
No wind or storm damage possible
Extends swimming season up to 10 months
Adds heat to pool even in Winter
One unit will heat up to a 35,000 gallon pool

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