Passive Solar Water Heater – Austrian-Made Integrated Collector Storage (SUNPAD ICS)

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Additional Information and Specifications:

  • The SUNPAD integral collector storage system, or ICS, combines thermal collection and storage in a single unit.  Probably the most affordable and lowest maintenance solar water heater on the market.  Manufactured in Austria.
  • SRCC certified for Federal Tax Credits.
  • SUNPAD holds 40 gallons of water in stainless steel tubes.  When hot water is demanded inside the home, cold water from the city supply is pulled into the SUNPAD, heating the water as it flows through the tube-in-tube heat exchanger, so the potable water never touches the solar heated water in the collector tubes.  Think of it as a solar powered instant hot water heater.
  • Serves as a solar pre-heater to the existing electric or gas water heater (we cannot offer the backup heating element shown in the brochure in the U.S. at this time).
  • Energy cost savings of up to 80% on the annual water heating bill.
  • Easy installation (flat-roof/pitched-roof/ground-mount) significant labor and material savings compared to other solar hot water systems
  • Modern and sleek design, 3′ x 7′ x 8″.
  • Designed and produced in Austria.
  • No moving parts, no controls, no callbacks.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • 5 year limited warranty.
  • Installation video (4:39):
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