Solar Dual Axis Tracker

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Additional Information and Specifications: The Solar Dual Axis Tracker is a device for orienting PV panels toward the sun throughout the day. Solar modules generate more power when sunlight is perpendicular to the panel. Dual Axis Trackers can increase energy output by as much as 42%! Dual Axis Trackers keep the solar panel “”locked-on”” to the sun all day, all year round.

The Dual Axis Solar Tracker Controller is the key component for the Dual-Axis Solar Tracker system. It works with a 12V/24V linear actuator that receives the signal from the light and wind sensors.  Our Dual-Axis Solar Tracker includes a smart weather detector, stopping the Tracker from working on cloudy days, and laying the panels flat at nighttime or during rainy or very windy days.

Eco-$mart can offer the tracker alone, or a package with the 6 solar panels, or the solar panels with Lithium batteries for off-grid or emergency power backup.

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