SolPol Solar Lighting (PV Wrapped Around Pole) – With Solar Wind Hybrid Option


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Additional Information and Specifications: Our innovative SolPol solar lights are engineered in Germany.  They are solar street, parking, residential neighborhood, traffic, sign and pathway lights with the PV panels wrapped around the pole for limited wind impact and solar gain all day long and all year long. Systems include LED fixture, PV, pole, Lithium battery, remote control. Several sizes are available.  The solar component is a vertical, cylindrical photovoltaic module with high-performance mono crystalline cells: it can pick up direct and indirect sunlight and is much less susceptible to dust and sand (“self-cleaning” in most environments – water spray from the ground if necessary – no lift required).  Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) option is available to supplement the solar energy in low sun areas.  The manufacturer carries ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and ISO-45001 Certificates of Quality Manufacturing.  This manufacturer produces the poles, the LED fixtures, the PV modules and the controllers – completely vertically integrated and NOT made in China.

Our energy self-sufficient lighting systems are strong, durable and resistant to environmental impacts and vandalism.
High protection grade for all parts (IP66/IK09)
Pole door only accessible with security key
Resistant to high wind load (100 mph to 130 mph)
Batteries integrated into the pole with passive cooling
Steel pole hot-dip galvanized, primed and powder coated providing C5M marine grade corrosion resistance – highest available.

Solar / Wind (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine – VAWT) Hybrid models are available (see the VAWT video in “Spec Sheets”) We can design and engineer the solar / wind hybrid street lights to meet your requirements.

Off-the-grid lighting 

Our solar panel street light pole units are entirely autonomous lighting solutions that don’t rely on the grid. 

Powered by solar photovoltaic cells, a Sol-Pol solar street lamp doesn’t rely on the grid. In fact, its powerful solar panels, along with a high-capacity lithium battery, can keep the lighting unit running even if there’s no sunlight for days. 

This not only saves the regular energy expenses but also allows you to install street lighting in the remotest of locations. 

Unmatched customization choices

An integrated pole solar street light can be customized to meet your exact requirements. 

Thanks to the modularity of these solar LED street light units, you can optimize every aspect of lighting. 

From illumination to pole height to the number of PV cells to battery voltage to lighting control, you can get everything personalized. 

GPRS-powered remote control 

Each of the solar street light pole systems is compatible with state-of-the-art GPRS control units. 

Once installed into the lighting system, this GRPS system can allow the operator to control these street lights from a remotely located control room. This eliminates the need to install underground or overhead wiring to turn the lights on/off or control the illumination, among others. 

Also, the GPRS monitoring system can keep track of every electrical component in the lighting pole and notify the control room of any electrical failure. As such, there’s no need to conduct manual inspections; all you need to do is repair or replace the failed components. 

Easy to install 

A Sol-Pol integrated solar LED street light is a complete plug-and-play system. And this makes it really simple to install one of these lights. 

After the pole is mounted, you can turn the system on by simply plugging the connectors in. 

Low maintenance 

One of the best features of our solar street lamps is that you can install them in far-off locations without worrying about maintenance, just like any other commercial or residential solar solution

These systems can provide optimum lighting even in dusty and sandy areas. So, at most, the operator will be required to spray water sometimes.

Environmentally friendly

Like every solar assisted energy module, these street solar LED lights cause zero emissions and have no negative impact on the environment. 

Moreover, by being completely off the grid, a solar panel street light pole prevents any potential use of dirty energy, helping protect the environment. 

Impact resistant 

The solar light pole is highly impact resistant and is capable of withstanding the worst of climate conditions. 

To be precise, an integrated solar street light can easily withstand the impact of winds between 100 and 130 mph. So be it hail or hurricane, these solar LED street lamp units will stand strong. 

Long-lasting street lighting solution

The components on our integrated pole solar street light systems offer you the longest service life. 

First, our lithium LiFePO4 batteries can last you for more than 10 years, apart from running the system for three days straight without charging. 

Second, the PV cells on this system are 24 percent more efficient than other solar panels of its class and can easily last for more than two decades. 

Third, our highly efficient dimmable LED lamps can keep illuminating the area for more than 50,000 hours. 

Video of Installation of Shems Solar Streetlight: Video of Abu Dhabi 2 x 120W Street Lights at Night: Video View of Solar / Wind Hybrid Street Light (prototype model): Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Option Video:
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