DIY Homes that Outlast Conventional Buildings

Our Whole House Package comes with everything you need (including our local supervision of construction) to build your eco-friendly, energy-efficient, disaster-resistant, and healthy house.

    Powerfully-built Structure for Reliable Security

    Our homes should make us feel secure regardless of what is out there. That’s why we use Secure-Lock steel skinned panels to build hurricane, seismic, fire, mold, and pest-resistant and energy-efficient structures for your house.

    Windows That Let Only the Good Stuff In

    Eco-$mart provides hurricane-resistant, energy-efficient, vinyl, insulated, low-emissivity windows that help you keep away harmful UV and infrared rays without minimizing the light or losing heat through the glass.

    Damage-proof Roofing that can Withstand Disasters

    Wind-resistant, energy-efficient metal roofs that look like tile, shingles or shake, designed for optimum security. No need to worry about hurricanes and windstorms anymore. Sit back, relax, and let the storm pass without having to worry about damages. And the best part is we make it look like shingles, shake or tiles, just the way you want it, and they are very energy efficient.

    Cut Your Energy Cost(Pay Less with Eco-$mart)

    Our Whole House Package comes with a complete solar electric system designed to meet the total energy requirements of your home, including optional battery backup. We can help you with conventional solar electric panels or building integrated photovoltaic panels (BIPV), according to your preference.

    Hot Water All-year-round

    Eco-$mart helps you set up solar thermal assisted heat pump water heater that provides you with hot water 24*7 throughout the year. You can set up the solar panel on your roof, wall, or even inside the garage.

    Solar Air-conditioned Housing at Cost-effective Prices

    Harness the power of the Sun to air-condition your house. Our solar-powered air-conditioning solution significantly reduces energy consumption and air-conditioning cost while keeping you comfortable and relaxed.

    Healthy and Sustainable Flooring

    Eco-$mart provides a range of healthy, sustainable, easy-to-install flooring such as floating cork and floating natural linoleum Marmoleum. We also have several gradients and styles for you to choose from so you can personalize your home the way you want.

    How it works

    You can get a complete, energy-efficient, secure, and eco-friendly housing solution in three easy steps

    You Give Us a

    You connect on a call with us to describe your housing goals, location and timing

    We Give You a Quote

    We create the home design and come with a quote for the Secure-Lock SIP shell system and other components as per your request

    We Deliver the Materials

    We provide the materials along with our supervision of construction to help you build your house

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The basic whole house package starts with the Secure-Lock wall and roof system. We included permit-ready plans with the Secure-Lock system. We can add windows, roofing, solar water heating, solar and water-cooled air conditioning, solar electric, batteries and wind power to make the home as energy efficient as you want, including up to making the home “Zero Energy” with virtually no electric bill.
    Secure-Lock is a steel-skinned structural insulated panel system that creates hurricane, seismic, fire, pest and mold-resistant buildings. The speed of construction is much faster than conventional concrete block or wood framing, saving weeks to months of construction time and inspections, as one crew replaces a number of conventional trades. A 2000 square foot home can be “dried in” in only one week (going from the concrete slab completion to walls, roof, windows and doors installed).
    We have a number of factory-designed plans from which to choose, from 500sf to 4000sf, single and multi-story. We can also quote from customer’s house plans, but the roof design plays an important role in keeping costs down with SIP construction – complex “hip” sections of the roof will require support from below, adding costs and are not necessary for wind resistance as in conventional roofs. So, simple “gable” roof designs or single slope roofs are the most cost effective.
    The SIP walls and roof will typically cost around $35.00 to $40.00 per square foot under roof. The solar water heater cost is around $4000.00, the metal roofing that looks like tile cost is around $5.00 per square foot, the air conditioning and solar electric systems are quoted based on the house size and design, but Eco-$mart has very competitive prices for all our mechanical / electrical systems.
    Once a design and quote are approved, production time for the Secure-Lock SIP walls and roof is running about 90 days. That should coincide with getting permits, site work, concrete slab poured.
    Eco-$mart typically supplies the materials and installation instructions to the home owner and their local contractor and subcontractors. Secure-Lock is very easy to install, requiring only a carpenter type crew, using only a power drill. If requested, Eco-$mart can offer local supervision for the Secure-Lock installation, for a fee. The other systems offered in the whole house package are very standard in its installation methods (AC, water heating, roofing, solar electric) so can be installed by local licensed contractors. Eco-$mart can assist with identifying local subcontractors such as solar installers if requested.
    The Secure-Lock SIP shell system carries a 10 year warranty. The solar water heater offers a 10 year warranty. Solar Electric systems carry a 25 year warranty. The metal roofing (that looks like tile, shake, shingle) carries a limited lifetime warranty. The other Eco-$mart systems such as HVAC and windows carry standard industry warranties.
    The first step is a free consultation by phone / zoom to learn your goals, location and timing. This leads to a decision on the home design, from which Eco-$mart will provide a detailed quote for the Secure-Lock SIP shell system, and any other elements of the Whole House Package the customer desires. That quotation will include permit-ready plans with engineering to submit to your local building department. Once the quote is approved by signature and deposit (typically 50%), the production of the Secure-Lock shell system is ordered, along with the other desired elements. Eco-$mart coordinates delivery of all systems with the homeowner and their contractor, providing all installation instructions, and on-site supervision if requested (for a fee).

    Contractors Love Eco-$mart

    Our customers are at the centre of our business. That’s why we hold your opinions and feedbacks in high regard.
    ­­­­­­­­­­­I am very pleased with my first purchase from Eco-$mart. I received the professional guidance I was seeking and the products suggested worked seamlessly. My customers were very happy as well, so I will be a return customer.
    Jason Hanshaw
    Hanshaw Electric, Electrical Contractor
    My experience with Eco-$mart has always been top notch service and top notch product. Matt is always ready to go the extra mile to make sure the product is on time and affordable. The thing that we find to be the most helpful is if there is an issue, it is resolved quickly.
    Tim Fannin
    Have Lights Will Travel
    The process was fast and simple. I honestly didn’t expect a response from the online quote submission for at least a few days. It was at our dock the next day just like you said. I will let the guys in the office know where to go. Thanks again
    Tyler Frady
    Jacksonville Winlectric

    Let’s Build More Sustainable Living Solutions Together

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