Building Eco-Friendly Structures Just Got Easier (And Cheaper)

We have been providing healthy, efficient, disaster resistant ("green") construction and remodeling products with a quick turnaround time at affordable prices since 1993.

Bright & Sustainable

Powered by solar wrapped around the pole and with an optional vertical axis wind turbine, our SolPol Solar Lights offer the most versitile, innovative, robust green outdoor solar lighting on the market. Engineered in Germany for highways, neighborhood roads, sidewalks, parks, remote regions and high-security installations, these cutting-edge solar-powered lights have you covered everywhere.

Whole House Package

Homes that keep you safe, healthy, and prospering. Build your next home with Whole House Package and get complete, energy efficient, disaster-resistant home supplies along with our expert supervision for a flawless construction.

Powerfully built materials that last decades

Best-in-class materials to help you build your dream house that withstands the test of time as well as natural calamities such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

Stay in Full Control of the Process

From flooring and roofing to HVAC, appliances, and energy systems, stay in control of what goes where every step of the way.

Energy-efficient and Easy to maintain

Eco-$mart offers smart and robust appliances and products that reduce energy and maintenance cost by over 70% compared to conventional alternatives.

Ecologically Sound and Economically $mart

Started with the aim to provide affordable residential and commercial living solutions, Eco-$mart is your one stop solution for eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable building and remodelling materials. Since our inception in 1993, we have strived to be ecologically sound and economically $mart (that is why the “S” in Eco-$mart is a dollar sign) in everything we have to offer. 

Eco-Shake Roofing Shingles

Featured Products

Low on energy-consumption and maintenance cost and high on performance, these products are at the forefront of a sustainable future.

Shop By Categories

Go through our product categories to better understand your needs and choose the best solution.

Veteran Program

As a service-disabled veteran-owned business, we have utmost respect for our fellow veterans. That is why Eco-$mart has an ongoing program to fund and build healthy, safe, and affordable residential and commercial structure solutions for homeless and otherwise needy veterans.

Would you help us get the word out on Nextdoor?

Our mission is to make sustainable structures accessible to everyone and we have been working towards this goal since we came into existence. If you like working with us or appreciate our efforts towards making eco-friendly residential and commercial structures available for everyone, please help us reach out to more people by rating us on Nextdoor.

Contractors Love Eco-$mart

Our customers are at the centre of our business. That’s why we hold your opinions and feedbacks in high regard.
­­­­­­­­­­­I am very pleased with my first purchase from Eco-$mart. I received the professional guidance I was seeking and the products suggested worked seamlessly. My customers were very happy as well, so I will be a return customer.
Jason Hanshaw
Hanshaw Electric, Electrical Contractor
My experience with Eco-$mart has always been top notch service and top notch product. Matt is always ready to go the extra mile to make sure the product is on time and affordable. The thing that we find to be the most helpful is if there is an issue, it is resolved quickly.
Tim Fannin
Have Lights Will Travel
The process was fast and simple.I honestly didn’t expect a response from the online quote submission for at least a few days. It was at our dock the next day just like you said. I will let the guys in the office know where to go. Thanks again
Tyler Frady
Jacksonville Winlectric

Let’s Build More Sustainable Living Solutions Together

Prepare to build an eco-friendly, sustainable residential and commercial accommodation future. Fill the form and we will get back to you in a jiffy to discuss our best course of action for enabling efficient residential and commercial solutions.

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