Solar Assisted Heat Pump

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Product Tags: Green Evolution, Water Heating, Solar Assisted Heat Pump

Warranty: 60 months

Product Certifications: UL

Unit of Sale: Each

Additional Product Certifications: TUV, CE

Additional Information and Specifications:

A solar assisted heat pump captures heat from the environment in the form of solar radiation and ambient air temperature. This allows for heat collection even on a cloudy or snowy day when the sun isn’t shining.

The heat collected is used to provide a hot water supply in the home and can even fulfill indoor heating requirements in some homes. 

Solar assisted heat pumps combine a solar collection panel with an air-to-water heat pump, using the same refrigeration circuit. The solar collection panel absorbs heat from the air outdoors and transfers it into a refrigerant gas, which is then passed into a heat pump compressor to further increase the temperature. The heat thus generated is used to warm up the water.  One can paint the roof-top solar thermal panel to match the roof, if desired.   

In fact, the solar assisted heat pump can even be powered by solar panels. That means one can take a solar heat pump completely off the grid; a 3 KW photovoltaic unit is all that’s needed. 

Each of the solar assisted heat pumps can warm water up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain that temperature 24/7.  

Indoor and water heating combined account for around two-thirds of energy usage in homes. A solar assisted heat pump saves up to 85% percent of water heating costs, on average, meaning households can have warm water at just a fraction of the present costs. 

Also, solar assisted heat pumps are available in different capacities and for both residential and commercial buildings. 


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