Eco-Friendly Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Small Homes Designed to Out-Perform Conventional Homes

These ADUs are energy efficient by design, but also are hurricane, fire, pest and mold resistant. We can also offer the home as an off-the-grid, zero energy home. An ADU can be used as a rental income property, a guest house, a safe shelter, or other uses. You can also custom design the interiors for maximum comfort.

Our Exciting Mini Home Models

We have Accessory Dwelling Unit mini homes in several exciting designs and sizes with more to follow and custom designs available.

ADU 384 Model

Our ADU 384 model is a one bedroom and one bathroom unit with a 384 square feet area, equipped with a kitchenette and dinette.

Seaside ADU 512 Model

The 512 Seaside Model is a larger sized ADU, built in an area of 512 square feet and equipped with a full kitchen and patio canopy.

ADU 576 Model

We have ADU 576 Model, a 576 square feet dwelling unit, which is a sizing upgrade on our Seaside model with all features similar to its counterpart.

ADU 384 Carriage House

We have ADU Carriage House, a 384 square feet dwelling unit, which is an alternate option on our 384 model with all features similar to its counterpart, plus a single car garage underneath.

ADU 576 Carriage House

Designed similar to its 384 carriage counterparts, our 576 carriage house is a larger ADU home built in a 576 square feet area with two bedrooms, a full kitchen, garage for two cars, and more.

ADU 192sf Office Mode

The ADU 192sf office model is an innovative 192 square feet carriage unit equipped with all amenities of a modern office space and is perfect for an independent home office.

A Custom-built Mini Home Designed For Luxury

We custom-build your Accessory Dwelling Unit to include your preferences. Our mini homes are designed for maximum luxury and comfort, which includes trendy decor, high-end kitchen, spa-style bathroom, plush bedroom, and more. 

A Sturdy Accessory Dwelling Unit That Can Withstand Extreme Weather

Our Accessory Dwelling Unit is made from sturdy materials like steel structural insulated panels that create an impact-resistant shield around your home. Our structure can easily resist a hurricane, earthquake or fire, irrespective of what weather brings your home will stand strong without suffering a scratch.  The structure carries an industry leading 10 year warranty.

Natural Insulation To Cut Down Your Energy Costs

We build your Accessory Dwelling Unit with ‘structural insulated panel systems,’ which makes it a well-insulated enclosure. Your home remains cool during the hotter days and and warm during the colder months, reducing the drag on HVACs and bringing down your energy bills substantially. We can also make it a complete off-grid zero energy home.

We Build Your Accessory Dwelling Unit Within Weeks

Want to have your home built quickly? We can build your mini home from scratch in just about 15 days. Our Accessory Dwelling Unit homes are built from lightweight panels, which allows for quick assembly without specialized equipment. You can also choose custom interiors that aligns with your personality.

Eco-friendly and Maintenance-free Homes

At Eco-$mart Inc, we are known for our environmentally friendly , healthy housing solutions, and the same goes for our Accessory Dwelling Units made from sustainable materials like steel SIP structure, Marmoleum or cork floors, fresh air and de-humidification, etc. These materials are mold-free, rot-free and moisture resistant, which reduces your maintenance costs and provides a superb, healthy indoor air environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The basic whole house package starts with the Secure-Lock wall and roof system. We included permit-ready plans with the Secure-Lock system. We can add windows, roofing, solar water heating, solar and water-cooled air conditioning, solar electric, batteries and wind power to make the home as energy efficient as you want, including up to making the home “Zero Energy” with virtually no electric bill.
Secure-Lock is a steel-skinned structural insulated panel system that creates hurricane, seismic, fire, pest and mold-resistant buildings. The speed of construction is much faster than conventional concrete block or wood framing, saving weeks to months of construction time and inspections, as one crew replaces a number of conventional trades. A 2000 square foot home can be “dried in” in only one week (going from the concrete slab completion to walls, roof, windows and doors installed).

We have a number of factory-designed plans from which to choose, from 120sf to 4000sf or more, single and multi-story. We can also quote from customer’s house plans, but the roof design plays an important role in keeping costs down with SIP construction – complex “hip” sections of the roof will require support from below, adding costs and are not necessary for wind resistance as in conventional roofs. So, simple “gable” roof designs or single slope roofs are the most cost effective.

The SIP walls and roof will typically cost around $35.00 to $40.00 per square foot under roof. The solar water heater cost is around $4000.00, the metal roofing that looks like tile cost is around $5.00 per square foot, the air conditioning and solar electric systems are quoted based on the house size and design, but Eco-$mart has very competitive prices for all our mechanical / electrical systems.
Once a design and quote are approved, production time for the Secure-Lock SIP walls and roof is running about 90 days. That should coincide with getting permits, site work, concrete slab poured.
Eco-$mart typically supplies the materials and installation instructions to the home owner and their local contractor and subcontractors. Secure-Lock is very easy to install, requiring only a carpenter type crew, using only a power drill. If requested, Eco-$mart can offer local supervision for the Secure-Lock installation, for a fee. The other systems offered in the whole house package are very standard in its installation methods (AC, water heating, roofing, solar electric) so can be installed by local licensed contractors. Eco-$mart can assist with identifying local subcontractors such as solar installers if requested.
The Secure-Lock SIP shell system carries a 10 year warranty. The solar water heater offers a 10 year warranty. Solar Electric systems carry a 25 year warranty. The metal roofing (that looks like tile, shake, shingle) carries a limited lifetime warranty. The other Eco-$mart systems such as HVAC and windows carry standard industry warranties.
The first step is a free consultation by phone / zoom to learn your goals, location and timing. This leads to a decision on the home design, from which Eco-$mart will provide a detailed quote for the Secure-Lock SIP shell system, and any other elements of the Whole House Package the customer desires. That quotation will include permit-ready plans with engineering to submit to your local building department. Once the quote is approved by signature and deposit (typically 50%), the production of the Secure-Lock shell system is ordered, along with the other desired elements. Eco-$mart coordinates delivery of all systems with the homeowner and their contractor, providing all installation instructions, and on-site supervision if requested (for a fee).

Build an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) On Your Property

We build sturdy, durable, and energy-efficient tiny homes from scratch within 2 weeks. All you need to do is book a free consultation and we will take care of the rest.

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