6 Benefits Of Installing An Integrated Pole Solar Street Light On Your Property 

Integrated Pole Solar Street Light

An integrated pole solar street light is the smartest way to illuminate your outdoors 

There isn’t a better lighting material for exterior spaces than an integrated pole solar street light. In fact, if you’re looking to light up your residential or commercial property, then these solar-powered lights should be your one-stop solution. 

As you know, solar lights are the best way to provide illumination for free and in a completely carbon-neutral manner, something which makes them excellent eco-friendly products. And switching over to solar lights for the outdoors, especially the streets, makes even more sense, given lighting these spaces has always been an energy-intensive affair.  

But solar lights have been available on the market for a long time, including for streets and outdoors. 

So why switch over to integrated pole solar lights in the first place? 

Well, these solar street lights, or sol-pol lights as they’re popularly known, aren’t just any solar lighting materials. That’s because sol-pol takes the concept of solar-powered lights to a whole new level by enhancing their features manifold. 

You see, not only do sol-pol lights increase the exterior illumination in terms of lumens per watt, but they also feature increased longevity. 

Also, since these lights are independent systems and not dependent on the grid, you can design your terrain in endless ways. 

Sounds quite impressive, doesn’t it? 

There’s much more to these incredible lighting solutions, so let’s have a closer look. 

#1. An integrated pole solar street light is 100% autonomous 

Integrated Pole Solar Street Light

Each of the sol pol light units is an entirely energy-independent system, meaning you need not connect them to even a single wire. 

How, you may ask? 

A sol pol solar street light has every necessary component integrated right into the lighting system. And that includes high-intensity LED lamps, solar shingles for energy generation, and batteries to store energy, among others. 

As a result, these wireless lighting systems make cables and wires a thing of the past. Meaning, there’s absolutely no need for invasive installation methods like trenching, drilling, or digging. 

Also, you can place them in the most remote locations since there’s no limit to where these lighting systems can be installed. 

#2. Excellent customization options 

Ever wondered if you could personalize outdoor/street lighting the way you want? 

With sol pol solar lighting solutions, you can now customize just about everything, something not possible on grid-powered or even most solar lights. 

To begin with, you can have the lighting pole precisely to your preferred size, unlike most regular street light packages, which feature a single standard size. 

While some areas have space constraints, others have lighting needs that call for a certain elevation of the light. So there are many ways a customizable light pole comes in handy. 

Further, you can even get the kind of lighting you need, from bright white to dim amber lights; there are endless options to choose from. As such, you can comply with your local illumination regulations, like Florida’s turtle-friendly lighting guidelines. 

Apart from that, these solar lights also allow you to control the level of illumination, which means you can brighten or dim the lights as required. 

Amazing, right? 

#3. Nothing beats sol pol’s ease of installation 

Integrated Pole Solar Street Light

One of the reasons why an integrated pole solar street light is so popular among households, businesses, and municipalities alike is the fact that it can be easily installed. So much so that it doesn’t take more than one or two hours for one such system to be installed from scratch and functioning. 

Now, you’re sure to wonder what makes these lights so easy to deploy. And the answer to that lies in the way these lights are manufactured. 

You see, every unit of the sol pol street light is prefabricated, so there’s not much that needs to be done at the site of installation. All you need to do is assemble the different components of the lighting system, and it will be ready to use. 

It is a plug-and-play system 

Even though most residential electrical appliances, including lights, are available as plug-and-play systems, the feature hasn’t been seen in street lights. 

However, the integrated pole solar street lamps are plug-and-play systems allowing you to activate the light by simply plugging in its connectors. 

#4. You can control the lighting system remotely 

The fact that a sol pol street light is an off-the-grid wireless system doesn’t mean that it can’t be operated from far. On the contrary, you can operate these systems from a remotely located control room, thanks to their GPRS monitoring and control system. 

And it isn’t just features like turning the lights on or off that we’re talking about. That’s because the GPRS system allows you to control every feature of an integrated pole solar street light, including dimmability, running hours, system upgradation, and more.  

Also, the remote monitoring system makes maintenance of these solar lighting systems a lot easier since you can detect the problems along with the precise location of the unit. 

#5. An integrated pole solar street light can withstand extreme weather 

Integrated Pole Solar Street Light

The biggest worry with street/pole lighting is weather extremities that can severely damage and even uproot the system. And that’s especially true for Florida, as the hurricane season can be pretty intense here. 

Nevertheless, with a sol pol solar lighting system, you can rest easy as it will stand strong no matter the weather. 

In fact, the impact-resistant construct of an integrated pole solar street light features high-end steel framing finished with a sturdy double-layer powder coating. And that makes it withstand high wind speeds close to 100 MPH. 

That’s awesome, isn’t it? 

#6. A carbon-neutral solution and free-of-charge lighting solution

As you know, outdoor or street lighting has always been energy-intensive. So, when connected to the grid, it can not only lead to the consumption of dirty energy but also increase your energy expenses. 

And that’s why a solar street light is the best alternative that brings down carbon emissions while also providing illumination for free. 

Bonus: an integrated pole solar street light provides more than lighting 

The functionality of traditional grid lights, or even regular solar lights for that matter, is confined to providing illumination. 

But that’s not the case with sol pol solar street lights, which can include exciting add-ons like: 

  • A charging station with USB ports that allow you to charge up your devices. 
  • Wifi hotspots can create an internet connection in their vicinity. 
  • Security cameras. 
  • Emergency button to alert the control station.
  • Motion sensors for smart lighting control and power saving.

The final word

As you can see, an integrated pole solar street light system takes the innovation in solar energy based lighting to a whole new level. 

In fact, lighting solutions like this are best for outdoor spaces and parking areas of residential and commercial properties. Further, they also provide an ideal lighting solution for streets and roads, pathways and trails, and for extremely remote locations. 

If you’re looking for one such outdoor lighting solution, you can reach out to us. 

At Eco-$mart Inc, we have the largest inventory of integrated solar street lights available at the most economical prices on the market. 

Our residential and commercial lighting solutions also include the most extensive range of solar-powered indoor and outdoor lights, LED lights, grow room lights, and more. 



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