10 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Eco-Shake Roofing

eco-shake roofing

With eco-shake roofing, you can make your roof entirely eco-friendly. 

Forty percent of your home comprises the roof, so it’s best to install eco-shake roofing and make it ecologically sound. 

Eco-friendly roofing is already a trendsetter among home-buyers, the reason why home-builders are including it in the new homes more than ever. 

You see, the roofing materials that we’ve traditionally used in our homes are unsustainable, to say the least. 

For instance, take wood cedar roofs that get entire forests chopped down. Cedar wood roofs indeed extend a uniquely elegant look to your home, but you can’t afford to have them at the cost of the environment. Can you? 

You may think that you’ll have to lose on the aesthetics of your roofing to make it sustainable, but that’s not the case. 

Think about an exceptionally durable roofing material that looks precisely like top-notch wood shakes and yet is sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Do such roofing materials even exist? 

Yes, they do. 

Eco shake roofing shingles are made from 100 percent recycled materials, and they replicate the looks of wood shakes. So if you are looking for eco roofing solutions, here is the perfect combination of sustainability and old school elegance. 

What exactly is eco-shake roofing? 

As you saw, you can make your roof eco-friendly without compromising on its beauty by installing eco-shake shingles

But what is eco-shake roofing precisely, you may ask? 

Eco shakes for roofing are made using 100 percent recycled vinyl and cellulose fiber and are structured quite similarly to composite window frames and fiber cement siding. As such, eco shakes take innovation to a whole new level since you can’t distinguish between them and traditional wood shakes. 

And the best part is that eco shakes are not bulky at all, so you can install them on your roof decks without roof reinforcements. 

That’s exactly why eco-shake shingles are the perfect option if you are looking to replace your existing roofing made of traditional materials like wood or asphalt. 

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 

Reasons To Go For Eco-Shake Roofing:

Eco-shake shingles have become quite popular in the States and beyond, and that is for good. 

You see, asphalt shingles are a significant source of environmental pollution, and similarly, extensive wood shake production poses a threat to our forests. 

So it makes sense to switch over to a sustainable and ecologically sound alternative

But is it all about eco-friendliness? 

Certainly not. 

There’s much more to eco-shake shingles, so let’s have a look in detail. 

#1. Eco-shake roofing shingles are 100% recyclable 

You’ve seen how eco shakes are made with 100% recycled materials, which makes them a solid alternative to wood shakes. 

But did you know that eco-shake roofing shingles can also be recycled entirely?

At the end of your eco-shake roof’s lifespan, you can simply take the shingles to a recycling unit and thus prevent landfill waste generation. 

That means when it comes to replacing your eco shake shingles, you can rest easy as these eco roofing materials won’t pollute the environment.

That’s not the case with most asphalt roofing shingles, which end up in dump yards at the end of their lifespan. And since asphalt roofs are made using harmful chemicals, they pollute the soil, water, and air as toxic elements ooze out after they’re dumped. 

#2. Eco-shakes look exactly like wood

eco-shake roofing

Eco shakes extend classical wood elegance in an eco-friendly way

The biggest factor that determines the kind of roofing you install is its aesthetic appeal. And it’s a fact that very few roofing materials come close to wood shakes in terms of aesthetics. 

You see, the classical elegance of wood shake roofing is something that homeowners vouch for, and rightly so. However, we can no longer afford to lose our forests and rich biodiversity for the sake of our home decor.  

So what’s the solution? 

Eco-shake roofing shingles are the perfect alternative to unsustainable wood shakes since these are entirely recycled products and look the same as wood.

In fact, eco shakes, with their molded-in colors, outperform the highest quality cedar wood, as even after extreme wear and tear, you don’t see any chipping, cracking, or peeling of the colors. On the contrary, wood shake roofing is prone to discoloration when exposed to elements. 

So you can have the same elegant roofing as wood without the guilt of harming the environment and with a material that outsmarts wood shakes. 

Impressive, isn’t it? 

#3. Eco-shake roofing shingles are highly durable

If you use roofing materials like asphalt or wood, your biggest concern will be durability since they don’t hold up against extreme weather conditions. 

But that’s not true for eco-shake roofing shingles, which easily withstand just about any weather extremity, be it a storm, blizzard, or rain. That’s because eco shakes come with a class 4 impact rating, which means they have the highest levels of impact resistance, including winds up to 110 MPH.  

In fact, its high durability makes eco-shake shingles apt for the coastal climate of Florida since extreme weather has become commonplace here. Now take wood shakes, for instance; you can’t expect them to withstand heavy rainfall or storms without getting damaged, can you?

So it makes sense to switch over to a durable roofing solution with eco shakes. 

#4. Eco-shake roofing requires low maintenance

When you plan on installing a roof, you should be prepared not only for the upfront investment in roofing materials but also for regular maintenance costs in the long run. 

For instance, if you install wood shake roofing, you’ll have to factor in roof support systems as they soak in rain water and get heavy. Also, such roofs are prone to cracks and leaks, so you need to invest quite frequently in waterproofing. 

Similarly, when you go for asphalt roofs, you’ll often need to change the shingles, as curling and peeling are common with asphalt. 

Is there a low-maintenance roofing option? 

Well, yes. 

You can rest easy on maintenance by switching over to eco-shake roofing, as these roof shingles rarely need regular upkeep. 

Since eco shakes are waterproof and damage resistant, you barely need to invest in maintaining them throughout their lifespan. 

Amazing, right? 

#5. Eco-shakes are lightweight

Is the heavy weight of roofing materials a concern for you? 

If yes, look nowhere else, as eco-shake roofing is the ideal option for you. 

Eco-shake roofing shingles are so lightweight that they can be installed over any roof deck without additional roof support. 

On the contrary, wood shakes and asphalt shingles are too bulky, so you can’t install them without solid roof reinforcements. 

In fact, eco shakes are so light in weight that you can add an Apollo solar roofing system over them and bring your energy bills down to zero, worry-free of making your roof bulky. 

That’s interesting for sure, isn’t it? 

#6. Eco-shake shingles have the longest lifespan

The longevity of roofing materials is something you should prioritize while building a new home or replacing your old shingles. 

You don’t install roofing every day, and you don’t want to be bothered by frequent replacements. Do you? 

So going for roofing that lasts you for the longest period is the best thing to do. And when we talk about longevity, no other shingles come even close to eco shakes. 

You see, just like diamond steel shingles or Dutch seam metal roof, eco-shake roofing can easily last you for the next 50 years. 

On the other hand, if you install asphalt or wood roofing, you’ll have to replace them every 15 to 20 years. 

The difference is for you to see. 

#7. Eco-shake roofing comes with a class A fire rating

Fire safety should be your top priority when choosing roofing materials for your home.

Unfortunately, roofing materials like wood and asphalt that we commonly use for our homes have few fire safety standards. And that is especially the case with wood shakes which are most vulnerable to fires since they remain highly flammable even after treating them with fire-retardants. 

So you can’t extend full-proof fire safety to your home with these roofs.   

However, eco shake roofing, with its class A fire rating, solves this problem with ease, as whatever the nature of the fire, your roofing will be safe. In fact, a fire-safe roof also prevents fires from spreading elsewhere in the home. 

There you have it, a safe and sound roofing solution. 

#8. Eco-shake roofing shingles are covered by a 50-year warranty

eco-shake roofing

Eco-shake roofing shingles are covered by the longest warranty

The warranty coverage period is an essential factor to consider while choosing a roofing material since that gives you an idea of its quality. 

You see, an extended warranty cover means the manufacturer is confident of quality and performance. 

And when we talk about warranty, eco shake roofing shingles are covered by a 50-year long transferable warranty, which is the highest among all roofing materials. 

That means eco shakes are covered by warranty almost throughout their lifespan. 

Sounds awesome, right? 

#9. Eco-shakes can be customized to your taste

Most roofing materials you see in the market have limited design options, and very few of them offer custom designs. 

However, eco-shake roofing is an exception here since you can get them customized as per your taste and preference. From umber to teak to charcoal, you can choose just about any color for your shingles. 

There you are with a customizable roofing solution. 

#10. Eco-shake roofing is DIY friendly

DIY housing is a vogue among home-builders across the country, which is true for roofing as well. That’s because DIY gives you complete control over your projects to build the way you like them. Also, DIY lets you save on labor costs. 

Since eco shake roofing installation is simple, you can easily DIY your roofing by following installation guides. 

Unfortunately, that’s not possible with other roofing materials like wood, metal, etc., which are too complex to install and require professional installation. 


Eco-friendly housing is a trend that is growing fast, with homeowners trying to make their homes ecologically sound. 

But you can’t make your home eco-friendly without sustainable roofing. Eco-shake roofing comes in handy here, as it prevents ecological damage and extends an aesthetically pleasing look. 

At Eco-$mart Inc, we provide top-notch eco-friendly roofing solutions, including eco-shake roofing shingles. 

So, if you are looking for sustainable roofing solutions, you are at the right place. 



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