Sustainable Building Materials That Don’t Break The bank

We have top-of-the-line sustainable building materials readily available on a budget, meaning you no longer need a big fat cheque to build your home. Traditionally used materials for building homes are highly unsustainable, but they’re widely used for their longevity and sturdiness. We provide solutions to turn around this by delivering sustainable construction materials that are durable and long-lasting. Want to build an aesthetically pleasing home? Our sustainable building materials boast a huge range of designs and can create multiple looks, from classical elegance to modern decor.

Sustainable Materials For Building You An Impact-resistant Home

Looking for sustainable building materials that aren’t fragile and won’t wear away? 

If yes, you’re at the right place, as we have sustainable construction materials made with the best quality stuff, like reclaimed hardwood and recycled stainless steel, among others. 

Our 100 percent eco-friendly yet solid materials can help you build a strong and impact-resistant home that will stand up to extreme weather events like hurricanes, storms, etc. 

We ensure top-notch quality in our sustainable building materials, making them last way longer than traditional construction fixtures. 

Source Your Sustainable Construction Materials From A Housing Pro:

You don’t build your home everyday; and inferior building materials will trouble you throughout your home’s lifespan. 

We are accomplished housing experts with 30+ years of experience in supplying superior quality sustainable building materials. 

At Eco-$mart Inc, we are committed to making your housing experience pleasant. That’s precisely why our sustainable housing products offer you a low-maintenance solution that lasts for decades.

Here’s Why Eco-$mart Is Your Go-to Store For Sustainable Building Materials In Florida

  • We’ve got the largest collection of sustainable construction materials – We have the most extensive range of sustainable building materials in Florida, all under one roof. From flooring to roofing to lighting solutions, we’ve got the minutest aspect of your home covered. 
  • We’re the most seasoned construction experts in South Florida Ours is a team of highly experienced housing professionals, and together we’ve been providing sustainable solutions for the past three decades. So whatever your ideal home decor is, we can make it ecologically sound. 
  • We deliver optimum quality building materials to your doorstep – At Eco-$mart, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality sustainable building materials. We are uncompromising when it comes to low-grade materials, meaning you get the best-in-class housing products on the market. 
  • We offer cost-effective sustainable housing products – We have the most reasonably priced eco-friendly housing products, meaning sustainable solutions will no longer break your bank. 

Our Bestselling Sustainable Housing Products Include:


We offer you environmentally friendly roofing alternatives to unsustainable traditional materials like cedar and asphalt shingles. Our popular roofing products include eco-shake shingles, solar roofs, and re-purposed stainless steel tiles. More than 40 percent of your home is roofing, and it determines how elegant your property looks. We have a huge array of sustainable roofing materials for your building, so you can create a decor of your choice.

Smart Lighting

A home is incomplete without proper lighting. We have in our store the widest collection of sustainable lighting solutions. Traditional lighting materials are highly energy-intensive and mostly unsustainable, especially if you get your energy from a coal-powered power station. We have solar-powered LED lamps that will make your home’s lighting energy-independent by taking it completely off the grid. That means you can light up your home in the most eco-friendly manner.


The flooring material decides how beautiful your indoor decor is. We have sustainable materials to amplify your home’s indoor looks. While wood and vinyl floors cause ecological damage, we have innovative eco-friendly flooring solutions like recycled rubber, cork, and natural grass carpet floors. We offer our sustainable flooring materials in multiple designs and decors. So you can enhance your indoor aesthetics in an ecologically sound way.

Tap into our full range of bestselling sustainable building materials

Build Your Sustainable Home In Four Simple Steps:


Get a precise estimate of construction materials:

Hire our team to conduct a survey of your construction site and suggest the exact quantity of building materials.


Pick from our extensive range of sustainable products:

Choose your ideal products from our wide collection of sustainable building materials.


Get your home conveniently maintained:

We are experts at building maintenance, and we can take care of your home’s maintenance and repair needs.


Build a professionally assisted eco-friendly home:

Our team of experts is readily available to assist you with their expertise and insights throughout the construction process.

Contractors Love Eco-$mart

Our customers are at the centre of our business. That’s why we hold your opinions and feedbacks in high regard.
­­­­­­­­­­­I am very pleased with my first purchase from Eco-$mart. I received the professional guidance I was seeking and the products suggested worked seamlessly. My customers were very happy as well, so I will be a return customer.
Jason Hanshaw
Hanshaw Electric, Electrical Contractor
My experience with Eco-$mart has always been top notch service and top notch product. Matt is always ready to go the extra mile to make sure the product is on time and affordable. The thing that we find to be the most helpful is if there is an issue, it is resolved quickly.
Tim Fannin
Have Lights Will Travel
The process was fast and simple.I honestly didn’t expect a response from the online quote submission for at least a few days. It was at our dock the next day just like you said. I will let the guys in the office know where to go. Thanks again
Tyler Frady
Jacksonville Winlectric

Looking for sustainable building materials? Choose from our huge range of products. Be it roofing, lighting, decking, or flooring, we’ve got each element of your home covered.

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