Eco-friendly Building Materials Made Better And Affordable

We provide top notch eco-friendly building materials at the most reasonable prices, so that you can build your green home without breaking the bank. Even as conventional construction materials are unsustainable, they’re still used extensively for their strength and durability. We seek to change that by bringing to you ecologically sound building materials that are sturdy and last for decades. Looking to build an elegant home? Our eco-friendly materials for building extend a unique aesthetic appeal by creating beautiful natural looks.
Eco-friendly Building Materials

Get your eco-friendly construction materials from housing experts

You build your home only once; and low-grade construction materials can bother you for years, ruining your housing experience. 

We are seasoned housing professionals with three decades long experience in providing best in class eco-friendly building materials. And we provide housing materials that serve you maintenance-free for the long run.

Eco-friendly Building Materials

Eco-friendly Materials For Building You a Solid Home

Eco-friendly building materials have long had the reputation of being frail and prone to wear and tear. 

But not anymore, as our eco-friendly construction materials are built using the highest quality materials that include recycled steel, sustainably sourced wood, eco rubber, and much more. 

We offer you the sturdiest sustainable materials to build a solid home that withstands natural extremities like storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. 

Our eco-friendly materials for building are quality made and easily outlast conventional home construction materials, so you can rest easy for years.

Why Eco-$mart Is Your One-stop Shop For Eco-friendly Building Materials In Florida?

  • We’ve got a vast range of eco-friendly materials – We have the widest variety of sustainable housing materials in south Florida. And we’ve got every aspect of your home covered, from roofing to flooring to HVACs to water purification systems. 
  • We have extensive experience in sustainable building We are a team of housing experts providing ecologically sound solutions for the past 30 years. So no matter what your ideal home is, we can help you build it sustainably. 
  • We provide you with the best quality building materials – At Eco-$mart, we are guided by our commitment to zero compromise on quality. So you can rest assured of getting the highest quality eco-friendly building materials that last the longest.
  • We offer the most affordable green housing products – We believe that eco-friendly housing need not cost you a fortune: the reason why we provide you sustainable construction materials at the most reasonable rates on the market.
Eco-friendly Building Materials

Our Eco-friendly housing materials include


We provide you ecologically sound alternatives to unsustainable conventional roofing materials like asphalt and cedar. Our best-selling roofing products include solar shingles, eco-shakes, and recycled metal roof tiles. Your roofing makes up about half of your home, and our building materials seek to make it more than just eco-friendly. From reducing your utility bills with solar powered shingles to lowering your home’s temperature naturally with cool metal roofs, there’s much that our roofing products can do.

Smart HVAC

HVAC systems are a prerequisite for your home, as you need to cool or warm your home depending on the climate. But these systems are energy-intensive and can be highly damaging to the environment, especially if you get energy from unsustainable sources. We have smart solar-powered HVAC systems which are completely energy independent units. Our HVAC units reduce the drag on the grid and regulate your indoor climate in the most sustainable way.

Environmentally Friendly Flooring

Your flooring is an important aspect in deciding your indoor aesthetics. We have eco-friendly flooring materials to enhance your home’s indoor elegance naturally. Flooring materials like vinyl and wood damage the ecology. We provide you sustainable flooring alternatives in the form of cork, recycled rubber, grass carpet, and marmoleum. Our flooring materials are available in a diverse range of shapes and looks and can replicate materials like wood, creating indoor beauty at zero environmental cost.

Unlock our full range of eco-friendly building materials

Build Your Ideal Eco-friendly Home In Four Easy Steps:


Get expert evaluation of your building materials

Hire our team of housing experts for an on-site survey and get an estimate of building material quantity. 


Choose from our wide range of housing products

Pick the products that you like the most from our extensive range of eco-friendly building materials.


Go for hassle-free and full-proof maintenance

We can carry out annual maintenance of your home, including roof shingle replacement, flooring repairs, etc.


Construct your home with professional assistance

Our team will readily assist you with the best building practices to help you build your home right.

Contractors Love Eco-$mart

Our customers are at the centre of our business. That’s why we hold your opinions and feedbacks in high regard.
­­­­­­­­­­­I am very pleased with my first purchase from Eco-$mart. I received the professional guidance I was seeking and the products suggested worked seamlessly. My customers were very happy as well, so I will be a return customer.
Jason Hanshaw
Hanshaw Electric, Electrical Contractor
My experience with Eco-$mart has always been top notch service and top notch product. Matt is always ready to go the extra mile to make sure the product is on time and affordable. The thing that we find to be the most helpful is if there is an issue, it is resolved quickly.
Tim Fannin
Have Lights Will Travel
The process was fast and simple.I honestly didn’t expect a response from the online quote submission for at least a few days. It was at our dock the next day just like you said. I will let the guys in the office know where to go. Thanks again
Tyler Frady
Jacksonville Winlectric

Looking to source your eco-friendly building materials? Choose from our extensive range of products covering each element of your home, from flooring to decking to roofing.

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