7 Eco Roofing Solutions Your Home Definitely Needs

eco roofing solutions

Sustainable living is a prerequisite of 21st century lifestyle. So it is important that our houses reflect the same commitment with eco roofing solutions.

Talking about roofing, fact is that 40% of your house is roof.

Thus its importance cannot be overstated. Especially for sustainable housing.

Did you know, in 2020 Florida ranked first in the world for having most registered and certified LEED for cities and communities. This means Florida leads in eco-friendly housing.

One thing that most of these houses have in common is their roofing. Eco roofing combined with other sustainable solutions is what make these homes unique. 

But there are so many eco roofing products. This creates confusion. 

As a home-maker you have to consider safety and aesthetics along with sustainability.

Here are some eco roofing solutions to consider. This will help clear any doubts before you choose your ideal roofing.

Let’s have a look at them.

Solar Roofing

solar roof

Solar Roofing brings efficiency and elegance.

When we talk of eco roofing solutions , solar roofing tops the list.

This is for a reason. Solar roofing can bring your energy costs down to zero.


Solar roofing is comprised of solar shingles. And modern shingles use the most efficient solar cells

Also, integrated solar roofing can produce much more energy compared to conventional solar means.

The common problem with solar roofing has been that it ruins the aesthetics. This, however, is the case with conventional rack mounted solar panels.

Integrated solar roofing uniquely solves this problem. Its solar shingles are made to perfectly blend with your roofline. 

You can also get the frame custom colored. Thus matching the color of roof tile. 

Instead of ruining it adds to the aesthetics of your home.

Also what differentiates it is the simplicity offered. You can install these shingles directly into new or existing roof sheathing

Unlike the old style solar panels that need rafters, standard deck screws are all that’s needed. One need not be an expert while installing these.

The heavy weight of older solar panels required extra spending on roof reinforcements. But modern solar shingles are light and weight as much as an asphalt shingle. 

Thus saving additional costs in form of roof reinforcements.

These can withstand heavy pressure and can be installed in wind zones of up to 150 miles an hour. 

Integrated solar roofing adds another layer of water resistance to your roof, thus extending its longevity.

Looking for one such integrated solar roofing? 

You can consider checking out the Apollo solar roofing system.

Green Roofing

green roof

Green roofing extends gardening to your roof.

Also called as living roof, it makes roofing ecofriendly in a very unique way.

Instead of using traditional methods, green roofing converts your roof into a garden space.

This is increasingly getting popular across the US. 

People nowadays prefer healthy eating. With a green roof they are now growing their favorite fruits and vegetables in their roof gardens.

From exotic flowers to local flora, there are multiple ways to do your roof garden.

Done right and it can add another layer to the aesthetics of your house.

Also by absorbing heat it helps keep the house cool during summers. 

And its natural insulation keeps the house warmer in winters. Thus bringing down your energy costs significantly.

Acting as a natural air purifier, green roofing helps keep the air around it clean.

Not just that, green roofs are noise resistant. This becomes important especially if your home is in urban setting.

Green roofing can increase your roof’s longevity. Waterproofing and root repellent keeps the roof’s original structure safe and undamaged.

Green spaces are generally fire resistant and same applies to green roofs. It provides a natural fire-protection layer to your roof.

In addition it offers recreational benefits just as a garden or lawn does.

Metal Roofing

metal roof

Metal roofing is a sustainable choice.

What can beat the good old American style strong and sturdy roof. 

People like it but usually can’t find. Especially one which is ecofriendly too.

Metal roofs solve this problem. They are durable, strong, and last the longest.

Some varieties of metal roofs can last up to fifty years. 

How are metal roofs eco-friendly?

These roofs can be made of recycled metals. Also scrap metal shingles from roofs can be recycled too.

One can get roofing done with zero cost to environment, unlike in wood roofing.

Metal roofs are fire and insect resistant which make them a safe roofing option.

They can have reflective properties, preventing your home from heating up. Thus helping lower energy bills.

While metal shingle roofing is one way, metal sheet roofs offer customization in shape, size, and color.

ATAS and DECRA metal roofing are among many such exiting solutions that you should consider having a look.

Cool Roofs

This unique roofing solution is quickly gaining popularity across the US. 

Generally, white colored or any light colored roof can be called a Cool Roof.

It may combine a mix of white glue and gravel that reflect the sun’s rays away. Thus its reflection system is something which makes it special.

The house remains cool as most of the sun rays are reflected away.

It greatly brings down energy costs as one uses lesser electricity on cooling.

This directly benefits the environment. Lower electricity use means lesser carbon emissions.

Cool roofs are one of the most cost efficient eco-friendly roofing options. Reason being that white shingles cost similar to regular asphalt shingles. 

These are especially useful in warm areas with most sunshine.

Given the use of special materials it also increases the longevity of your roof.

Clay Tile Roofing

clay tile roof

Clay tiles are simply ancient roofing in a modern avatar.

Simple as it may sound, clay tile roofing is efficient and ecofriendly.

Clay tile roofing is an ancient technique. But it is gaining popularity across the world. 

Especially among environment conscious Americans this is fast becoming a preferred choice.

Apart from the aesthetic value that it adds to your house, it helps in energy conservation.

Like cool roofs it too can have reflective properties. Thus keeping your house cool and saving energy costs. 

Clay tiles are waterproof and its durability adds to its advantages.

In terms of longevity clay tiles can last up to hundred years. This is longer than any other roofing system.

They require low-maintenance just as metal roofs. And you can easily replace a broken tile.

Eco-Shake Roofing

Eco Shake Roofing

Eco-Shake roof is an eco-friendly alternative to wooden roof.

EcoShake Roofing takes innovation to a new level. It replicates wood shakes without harming nature in any way.

EcoShakes are made of 100 percent recycled fiber. Meaning it can be the best replacement for wood shakes. Also eco-shakes are themselves 100 percent recyclable.

Thus its impact on environment is minimal to zero.

These are lighter in weight. So you can easily install them on your existing roof deck.

They outperform wood shakes by a huge difference in terms of durability, withstanding extreme weather conditions like a hailstorm. Some ecoshakes come with a fifty year warranty.

While looking exactly like wood, eco-shakes’ molded-in colors conceal any chipping, peeling or cracking even with extreme wear and tear. Something wood shakes can’t offer.

EcoShakes are not just cheaper to buy, its maintenance cost lesser than wood shakes and asphalt shingles.

Also they are fire resistant and come with added flame retardant. Unlike traditional wood shakes that are prone to fire. So you can stay assured on safety.

Sustainable Wood Shake Roofing

wood shake roof

Classical elegance of wood shake roofs make them unique.

Wood shakes from sustainably managed forests can be a good choice if you are looking for elegant wood aesthetic.

Apart from beauty, durability and strength are factors you should consider. Wood shakes of cedar are strong can easily last forty years with good maintenance. 

Like green roofs shakes of wood also offer natural insulation. You can save on energy bills as a naturally insulated house requires less cooling or heating.

Wood shakes are recyclable and biodegradable which makes it eco-friendly.

These are some roofing solutions popular among Americans. Based on your preferences and likes you can consider one of these. 

Shortfalls Of Traditional Asphalt Roofing

While environment and sustainability should be a top priority when choosing your ideal roof, safety and durability also must take a center stage.

Unfortunately the traditional roofing solutions appear unpromising on any of these.

Let’s take asphalt shingles for instance. They have one of the shortest life span amongst all roofing materials.

While other roofing materials can last up to fifty years, asphalt shingles have average longevity of only fifteen to thirty years. 

Also asphalt shingles are vulnerable to strong winds, storm, and even heat.

These are also not environment friendly. Producing asphalt shingles can cause a lot of greenhouse gas emissions.

Blistering and curling are common problems with asphalt shingles. They expose your roof, deck, and the property to elements.

This can eventually lead to leaking, or worse, failure of the very roof system. Its damages on the roof may resemble that of a hailstorm.

Cracking is another problem with asphalt. Exposure to wind, heat, and even faulty installation can be causes. This too causes your roof to leak and damages the overall structure.

Granule loss is usually seen here. This clogs up your drainage system while also exposing the shingles to elements.

Mold, mildew, and algae growth in these shingles cause moisture in the roof. This damages your roof underlayment and deck.

Strong winds can blow the shingles away, given these aren’t wind resistant. Also while some asphalt shingles come with Class A fire rating, these shingles run risk of melting in excess heat conditions.

Clearly the eco roofing solutions have an edge. 

Not just in terms of minimal environmental effects. They are strong, durable, and adept to extreme conditions.

Why to invest in Eco Roofing Solutions

Investing in Eco Roofing is investing in future. We shall see why.

Modern eco roofing solutions go far beyond their core aim of environment protection. 

Eco friendly building materials are designed to meet the challenges of foreseeable future. 

The reason why their manufacturers are so focused on features as strength, sturdiness, and durability. 

Climate change has emerged as a challenge especially for housing sector.

We now witness wildfires and tropical storms in America more than ever. And our houses are most vulnerable to these events. 

In America countless homes are lost to these events every year.

Eco roofing solutions can be a savior here. 

Eco roofs are fire resistant. So your house could stand protected in a wildfire.

Similarly, their sturdiness enable them to withstand storms.

Apart from safety enhanced aesthetics is another add-on. Traditional roofing solutions can never match the elegance of eco roofs.

Also what sets eco roofing apart is the simplicity they offer. 

Eco roofing is clearly the future of all roofing solutions.

Americans are increasingly looking for ways to keep their carbon footprint low. And their houses are reflecting this trend.

The US Green Building Council encourages this by providing LEED certification to eco-friendly homes. 

Apart from reducing energy costs and carbon footprint, LEED certified home owners are also eligible for certain tax benefits.

No doubt more people are seeking this tag. Thus increased demand for eco-friendly roofing.

Remember that your roof can actually keep your home from getting LEED certified.

As you know a large part of house is all but roof.

So any full proof carbon neutral plan for your house must factor ecofriendly roofing.

You can choose one of the discussed solutions for your roofing. Also you can put together a combination of solutions.

For instance a green roof partially covered with solar shingles can be a unique way to go.



Environment and sustainability are the ideas that get reflected everywhere. Same applies to housing.

Environment efficient housing solutions are thus gaining traction. 

Ecofriendliness is now becoming less of a phrase and more a lifestyle habit. 

Off the grid houses are fast becoming an industry trend.

More people are now demanding ecofriendly solutions than ever before. 

So having information and clarity about these is important.

You never know when a green home becomes the next big American dream. Maybe it’s just a matter of time.

Investing it right can get you ahead in this new green race, before it heats up.