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Additional Information and Specifications:

Insulated concrete form wall system with forms made from recycled wood and concrete. System requires less labor and bracing than polystyrene ICFs, takes conventional stucco or siding directly on wall.

Hurricane resistant, termite proof, R-18 to R-24 insulation value (equal to R-40 or more with infiltration and thermal mass considered). Factory training available. Will quote from plans.

Installation available by trained crews that will travel to your site.

All natural and eco-friendly wall system 

Our Faswall ICF wall systems are made with the environment in mind. 

Built using an 85 percent mineralized wood content and 15 percent concrete, these wall blocks incorporate nature into your home. 

Also, these insulated concrete form wall materials have recycled scrap wood as their basic ingredient. Meaning not only do these panels prevent ecological damage, but they also turn waste wood into solid building materials. 

Impact resistant wall

The ICF wall system features a reinforced concrete structure tested to withstand extreme weather events such as hurricanes. 

This ensures your wall stands strong in harsh weather conditions, keeping your home and its residents safe. Now, that’s something traditional home wall materials such as wood planks can’t match. 

Insulation and energy-efficiency

With its R-value ranging between 18 and 24, an ICF wall also has great insulating properties. 

Just like a structural insulated panel system, these wall panels will keep your home cool during summer days and warm during winter time. 

As such, you’ll be less dependent on the HVAC systems and have reduced energy bills. 


A Faswall ICF wall system works well at minimizing outdoor noises in your home’s indoor space. 

Chemical free wall 

Unlike regular wall materials, a Faswall ICF wall is free from all kinds of chemicals and other toxic substances. 

You see, instead of chemical-based additives, wraps, and insulants, these ICF wall systems use cement-based plaster and stucco. Also, all-natural pigments are used to color the wall surface. 

Thus, these ICFs don’t off-gas and are safe for all health and age groups. 

Breathing wall 

The ICFs combine traditional home-building techniques and modern solutions to create a unique breathing wall. 

These wall panels aren’t completely air-tight and are rather designed to ensure a slow airflow. This keeps the wall dry and minimizes the chances of mold. 

Fire resistant 

Tested for flame and smoke prevention, the Faswall ICFs come with an incredible 4-hour fire rating. 


These ICF systems offer quick DIY-friendly construction. 

In fact, you need not be a housing professional to build your home with these systems. All you’ve got to do is follow Faswall’s step-by-step wall building guide

Pest and termite-resistant walls 

Our Faswall ICF walls are tested for termite and pest prevention by the University of Georgia. So you can rest assured of termite-free interior and exterior walls. 

Also, the absence of pests reduces the need for frequent maintenance. 

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