Tubular Daylighting Unit – 10 Inch Dia.


Ideal for bathrooms and hallways (to 150 sq. ft.)

Diffuser Option: No Diffuser, White Translucent Diffuser

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Product Certifications: UL

Unit of Sale: Each

Additional Information and Specifications: 10” diameter – Ideal for bathrooms and hallways (to 150 sq. ft.)

Kit includes 2 24″ Long Extension Tubes with Elbow.

Save up to 90% daytime lighting costs with significant reduction in both A/C heat load and run time with tubular skylights.
These high quality, cost-efficient tubular skylights, with a tube reflectance of 98%, can fully replace electrical daytime lights, conserving energy and money.
No extra directional device in the dome is required to obtain maximum sunlight capture because the flashing mounts the roof dome in an upright position. Roof slopes ranging from flat to 8/12 can be accommodated.

The white translucent diffuser is recommended for residential applications. It has a larger diffusion range and a softer more even light.
The prismatic diffuser provides a stronger light, but in a tighter focus.
Potential LEED Credits
Credit for daylight – 1
Energy optimization credit – 10
Recycled content credit – 1″

Specifications not available currently

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