Coco Tiles

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Size: 12″ x 12″ Tiles,48″ x 48″ Panels


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Additional Information and Specifications: “Eco-$mart’s Coco Tiles are an environmentally friendly designer tile for modern interiors. Made from reclaimed coconut shells, low-VOC resins and FSC-Certified wood backer, our newest family of ecofriendly design materials can be used as decorative tiles or panels both horizontally and vertically. Featuring multiple patterns and color combinations and available in light, dark and mixed textures.
Tile Size: 30cm x 30cm (11.8″” x 11.8″”)
Panel Size: 120cm x 120cm (47.2″” x 47.2″”)
Thickness: Backer 9mm, Overall: Varies by chip style
Coco Tiles and LEED®
Materials and Resources – MR 4.1/4.2 Recycled Content
Recycled Content, 30-40% post-industrial recycled material: Coconut Shells
Materials and Resources – MR 6
Rapidly Renewable Resources, Manufactured with rapidly renewable raw material: Coconuts grown in yearly harvest cycle.
Coco Tiles Fabrication Guidelines
Coco Tiles are a unique handmade tile backed with 9mm sustainably harvested wood (FSC certification pending). Standard wood tile-setting guidelines should be followed, including proper conditioning and installation.
Conditioning: Coco Tiles should be conditioned for a minimum of 72 hours before installation. This will allow tiles to adjust to the ambient local temperature and humidity level.
Installation: Coco Tiles can be installed directly over framing members–studs or furring strips (check building codes in your area). All coco tiles may be put up with a combination of panel adhesive and nails.
Cutting: Coco Tiles can be cut with standard tile saws. We recommend at least 4000 rpm blade speed and a high-quality blade with fine teeth.- do not use water as this may cause swelling of the wood backer. Chipping along the cut edge may occur; the chips may be repaired with normal woodworking adhesive. It is recommended to cut in between chips. Cutting through chips may result in chip loss.

Benefits: Reduced Waste – Coco Tiles remove discarded agricultural coconut shells from the waste stream. Discarded coconut shells are usually burned or added to the garbage heap. Coco Tiles turn them into a useful and decorative product.
FSC-Certified Backer – Coco Tiles backer material is made using FSC-Certified plywood from sustainably managed forests.
Low or Zero VOC glues and resins are used in the construction of Coco Tiles to improve indoor air quality.”

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