Fabric Shield Storm Panels

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Fabric Shield Storm Panels are a highly-effective alternative to steel, aluminum, or plywood hurricane panels. These PVC-coated woven hurricane fabric panels are tested extensively to block wind, rain, and storm-driven debris. So no matter how intense a hurricane or storm is, these fabric storm panels won’t break or let any damage to the home.

The hurricane fabric is checked for quality and passes Miami Dade protocol for wind pressure and large missle impact.

Since metal storm panels are too bulky, installation is quite tedious. But that’s not the case with fabric hurricane shutters, as they are lightweight, easy to put up and take down, and can be rolled up or folded for convenient storage.

These hurricane window panels are translucent, which allows natural light to enter, unlike the metal panels.

Fabric hurricane shutters cost less than half the price compared to steel or aluminum panels, meaning they’re a cost-effective solution for weather protection.

Fabric storm panels are available in both standard sizes. So whatever be the size of windows and doors, they can be easily covered by this heavy-duty hurricane fabric.

DIY Friendly:

Installing metal or wooden storm panels can be a task, as they are too heavy and, in most cases, need professional installation. However, fabric storm panels can be installed simply by clamping them to the windows and doors. Also, they can be deployed quickly by anyone as the weather outside worsens.

Fabric Shield Storm Panels: FAQs

What are fabric shield hurricane protection panels? 

Fabric shield storm panels, or hurricane fabric as they’re commonly known, are storm protection panels made from impact-resistant fabric materials. 

You can use these fabric shield panels to cover up the vulnerable portions of your home, such as windows, doors, etc., whenever there’s a storm or hurricane forecast. 

Even better, for additional protection, you can use this hurricane fabric to cover up the entire length and breadth of your home. 

These hurricane panels are highly sturdy and easily withstand the pressure of strong hurricane winds, thus preventing any damage to the building. 

How strong are hurricane fabric panels? 

When it comes to material strength, there is no competition to fabric shield hurricane protection panels. That’s because not only are these panels very solid but also stronger than steel and other metals. 

Our hurricane panels are made with reinforced fabric which has 10x more tensile strength than metals like aluminum and steel. Meaning hurricane fabric is way tougher and more reliable than metal hurricane panels. 

Is it legal to install fabric shield hurricane panels in Florida? 

Yes, it is. 

Fabric shield storm panels are rigorously tested to comply with storm safety requirements and are approved by multiple building codes in the state, including: 

  • Florida Building Code
  • Miami-Dade County Protocols

Nevertheless, before you install fabric shield hurricane fabric in your home, we suggest you check your local building code and county rules. 

It’s always better to check with the local officials since rules regarding building safety, among others, differ for different localities. 

How much do fabric shield storm panels cost? 

Hurricane shutters or fabric shield panels are quite cost-efficient, especially when compared to metal storm panels. 

Talking about their exact cost, you can expect to pay approximately $17 per square foot for hurricane fabric in Florida. 

Is hurricane fabric apt for DIY installation? 

Yes, it is. 

In fact, fabric hurricane panels fare better than their steel and aluminum counterparts in terms of DIY installation.

You see, these are lightweight materials and can be easily installed in a few hours’ time. Also, you can follow our user manual to complete the installation by yourself. 

Do fabric storm panels block natural light? 

No, they don’t. 

Fabric shield storm panels are translucent, and unlike other hurricane protection materials, they don’t block natural light. 

The manufacturers of fabric shields are aware that power outages during storms can plunge homes and other buildings into darkness. And that’s exactly why they’ve designed these materials in such a way that lets plenty of light pass through. 

So rest assured your home will have enough natural light even after hurricane fabric installation. 

Can you get custom-made hurricane fabric? 

Yes, you can. 

We provide customized fabric hurricane shutters for all building types. All you need to do is tell us the exact panel sizes, among other personalization requirements. 

Can you use fabric shield panels as hurricane window covers? 

Hurricane fabric shields are designed for building doors and windows, among others. So you can surely use them as storm window covers. 

Where to store hurricane fabric? 

You don’t need a large dedicated space to store hurricane fabric. Once a storm is over, you can simply fold them up and store them at any convenient location. 


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