Fabric Shield™ Storm Panels

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Additional Information and Specifications: “Fabric-Shield™ Storm Panels are a highly-effective alternative to steel or aluminum hurricane panels. These PVC coated woven fabric panels are tested to block wind, rain and storm-driven projectiles. Yet Fabric -Shield™ panels are easy to handle and translucent, allowing light to enter.
Instead of heavy, bulky, rigid storm panels, Fabric-Shield removable storm panels are lightweight, easy to put up and take down, and can be rolled up or folded for convenient storage. And Fabric Shield storm panels are typically lower cost than rigid panels.

Fabric Shield™ Storm Panels are PVC-coated woven fabric, tested to reduce damage from wind, rain and storm-driven debris. Standard and Custom sizes are available.
Fabric Shield™ Storm Panels are lightweight, easy to handle, and simple to store. They are translucent, allowing natural light to enter the home and are quick to attach and remove, making them a convenient alternative to plywood or metal.

Standard and custom sizes available Lightweight, easy to handle and store. Quick to deploy and remove Translucent, allowing diffused light to enter. Passed Miami Dade protocol for wind pressure and large missle impact.”

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