5 Reasons Why You Should Go For Hurricane Fabric Shutters

fabric hurricane shutters

Did you know hurricane fabric shutters/panels can keep your home safe in the worst weather conditions? 

As a homeowner in Florida, having a full-proof hurricane protection system is a prerequisite, and towards that end, hurricane fabric shutters are the one-stop solution. 

Hurricane season in Florida can throw up the worst of tropical storms, and it’s our homes that are most susceptible to damage.

And although the spell of Atlantic hurricanes lasts only till the end of November, climate change and warming sea waters have made hurricanes very unpredictable. That means you never know when or at which time of the year the next hurricane will strike. 

So what’s the solution, you may ask? 

Well, the best thing we can do is protect ourselves and our homes in the best possible way. 

Talking about hurricane protection for homes, there’s no better way you can do so than with storm fabric panels or shutters. 

In case you’re wondering, here’s how hurricane fabric fares better over traditional storm protection systems and secures your home in the worst of weather: 

#1. Hurricane fabric shutters are stronger than steel 

fabric hurricane shutters

When we talk about the strongest materials for hurricane protection, you’ll surely think about heavy-duty metals like steel. And while it’s true that steel shutters provide sound hurricane protection, storm fabric shutters are way more reliable. 


You see, hurricane fabric panels are made from highly reinforced fabric which is not only tough and impact-resistant but also highly flexible and lightweight. So much so that fabric shield storm panels can have a ten times greater tensile strength than steel or aluminum panels. 

Moreover, compared to metal-based storm protection systems, hurricane fabric weighs only a fraction, making it a preferable alternative. 

#2. You can deploy the fabric storm panels quickly and more easily

One of the biggest advantages of lightweight fabric shield storm panels is that you can deploy them much more conveniently. In fact, they can be installed on your home with much ease and in far lesser time with the help of their wing nut and grommet system. 

Also, installing hurricane fabric is pretty basic and thus DIY-friendly. So all you need to do is follow the user manual, and you can have the hurricane shutter installed within hours. 

And to make it apt for a DIY project, all components essential for installation are included in the hurricane shutter package itself. 

On the contrary, installing metal hurricane shutters can be quite a task, not to mention that they aren’t ideal for DIY projects. That’s because installing these heavyweight systems requires a team of at least four or five professionals and up to 2-3 days’ time. 

Not to forget, removing metal panels once the hurricane is over is equally challenging, which is the reason why many homes keep them installed permanently. 

#3. Fabric-based hurricane panels don’t affect your home’s aesthetics

fabric hurricane shutters

Another problem with steel or hurricane shutters is that they end up ruining the aesthetics of your home. And they do so in two ways:

First, installing a metal hurricane protection system involves putting up rails and shutters on the outer walls of your home, thus covering up its elegance. 

Second, since removing the steel panels isn’t easy, either the entire system or most of its components are kept installed for almost forever. 

Nevertheless, that’s not the case with fabric hurricane shutters, as they’re only deployed for the duration of the hurricane and can be easily removed once the weather normalizes. 

#4. Fabric hurricane shutters let natural light in

You’ll agree when we say that lighting your home during or after a hurricane isn’t easy at all.

Especially after a post-hurricane blackout, your home is sure to go dark unless you have a power backup. And to make matters worse, the metal hurricane shutters installed around our homes block even the daylight. 

Thankfully, the translucent nature of hurricane fabric shutters and panels means that you’ll have natural light throughout the day. 

Impressive, isn’t it? 

#5. Storm shield panels made of fabric are cost-efficient 

fabric hurricane shutters

Now that you’ve seen how effective hurricane fabric is, you might well wonder whether installing it can be an expensive affair. 

However, you can rest assured as both fabric shield storm panels and shutters are very cost-efficient, meaning these hurricane protection systems won’t break the bank. 

Here’s a cost comparison between metal and fabric shutters for a better understanding: 

While the cost per square foot of metal shutters ranges between $10 for low-end aluminum to $50 for sturdy steel products, you can easily get top-notch hurricane fabric for $17/sqft. 

Also, the fact that you can DIY the installation means you’ll save on labor costs, the hourly charges of which can be anywhere between $45 and $100. 

Bonus #1. You can easily store hurricane fabric 

With hurricane fabric, you get unparalleled ease and convenience in terms of storage. That’s because once the hurricane is over, you can simply wind up the entire system and store it just about anywhere in your home. 

This ease of storage is missing on metal hurricane panels and shutters as they need a lot of space to be stored. So if space is of a premium for you, storing these metal-based hurricane protection systems can be really tricky. 

Bonus #2. Fabric materials are safe to handle 

If you’re a newbie looking to install metal hurricane shutters by yourself, chances are that you might get hurt. 

Hurricane fabric, on the other hand, is made with super soft fabric, which eliminates any potential chances of injury during installation or removal. 

The final word 

As you can see, when it comes to an effective and efficient hurricane protection system, nothing compares with fabric shutters and panels. 

And the best thing is that these shutters are made from sustainably sourced fabric, which makes them entirely eco-friendly products

Looking for one such storm protection system for your Florida home? 

You can reach out to us! 

At Eco-$mart Inc, we have the best-in-class fabric storm panels and shutters designed to protect homes in hurricanes up to category 5. Also, we have home protection systems like SIP panel home kits to make your home sturdy for all weather conditions. 

And with the most competitive prices on the market, you can count on us for affordable yet solid home improvement solutions. 



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