8 Benefits Of Installing A Whole House Water Purification System In 2022

Whole House Water Purification

You should consider equipping your home with ‘whole house water purification.’

A whole house water purification system and you can rest assured of the safety and hygiene of your tap water. 

Let’s see how. 

As you know, water is an essential component of human life. So we can’t imagine life without water. Can we?

But, you’ll be surprised to know that millions of people drink unsafe water in the US alone. 

Water contaminated with pollutants and chemicals can be extremely unhealthy and cause several diseases.

For instance, a study from Washington based nonprofit Environment Working Group found that more than 200 million people in the US, i.e., a majority of Americans, have their tap water contaminated with PFAS concentration. 

That can lead to several diseases like testicular cancer, high cholesterol, and liver tumors. 

According to EWG, close to 100,000 Americans risk developing cancer by drinking contaminated water. 

You see, that’s a huge number for a country like America. 

Some pollutants and radioactive contaminants like arsenic and radium are colorless, tasteless, and odorless. So you can’t figure out if these elements are present in your water supply without a proper test. 

However, you can keep yourself and your family safe from these toxic contaminants by installing a whole house water purification system. 

What is a whole house water purification system?

You’ve seen how big the problem of contaminated water has become in the US. 

You can’t be assured of a safe water supply, no matter where in America you stay. 

A whole house water purification system cleanses your tap water of all possible contaminants.

It is installed at the place from where the main water pipeline enters your home. That’s why it is often called a ‘point-of-entry tap.’

Home water filtration ozonation systems eliminate toxic contaminants like arsenic, chlorine, sulfur, etc., from your water. Meaning you get clean water from every tap of your home. 

Be it for laundry, cooking, showering, or making coffee, you’re sure to get water free of pollutants. 

Sounds interesting, right?

How does whole house water purification work?

Whole house water purification includes multiple stages of filtration to decontaminate your water supply. 

That involves eliminating dirt, grime, sediments, and other toxic chemical substances.

The popular water purification systems that you get in the market include purifiers with activated carbon block, granular activated carbon (GAC), UV filtering system, and ozone purification systems

They eliminate almost all toxic elements present in contaminated water. 

Even if your water is most polluted, these filters will remove all possible toxins present in it. 

Since most whole house water purification systems include post-filtration, any sediment that passes through initial filtration gets removed. So you can be worry-free of any residues or pollutants remaining in your residential water supply. 

Interesting, isn’t it?

Advantages of Installing a Whole House Water Purification System

Whole House Water Purification

An in-house water purification system protects from toxic pollutants

Your water supply can be from two primary sources, either piped municipal water or a well-based system. 

Even as our municipal bodies try to ensure a safe water supply to our homes, you can’t be sure if your water supply is contamination free. 

The same goes for a well-based water supply that easily gets contaminated by locally discharged pollutants. 

You’ve already seen how harmful polluted water is for your health. 

You can’t see, taste, or smell contaminants like arsenic increasingly being found in water supplies. That means you risk adversely affecting your health without even realizing it. 

Thankfully, whole house water purification ensures you get excellent quality water from your tap. 

That’s why we’ve listed its benefits here.

So, let’s see them all in detail.

#1 Whole house water purification guarantees safe drinking water

Drinking unsafe water affects your health profoundly. Also, pollutants like sulfur and heavy metals make your water undrinkable. 

Even though municipal water systems do a great job treating water and removing contaminants, you never know what pollutants might be lurking in your water. 

Chemicals like chlorine and chloramines used to treat municipal water create a strong odor in your water. Chlorinated water causes headaches, dizziness, and reddened eyes. Chlorine, when heated, emits harmful gasses and pollutes your indoor air. 

An in-house water purifier removes these chemicals from your water. 

Also, there’s always the risk of municipal water filtration systems failing. 

Pollutants often pass through a filtration system, which applies to municipal water. So, it’s always good to ensure the full-proof safety of your water by installing a whole house water purification system. 

As you saw, a large majority of Americans have polluted tap water supply.

Improperly treated water can have different parasites and microscopic organisms, which can lead to severe digestive and intestinal issues. 

You see, a water purification system is a smart investment in your and your family’s health. 

#2 Save money with in-house water purification

You’re likely to buy bottled drinking water if you don’t have a proper water filtration system installed in your home

That makes you spend a vast amount of money in the long run. 

For instance, bottled water can easily cost you up to $1000 every year if you have a family of four. 

You stand to save this amount right away by installing a whole house water purification unit. 

Also, you can recover the amount you invest for a water purifier in terms of savings on regular bottled water purchases. 

There you have it; safe drinking water made cheaper. 

#3 Help the environment by reducing plastic waste

Discarded water bottles are a significant source of plastic waste in the US. 

A total of 80 percent of water bottles you buy will end up in landfills. 

According to some estimates, American landfills are flooded with more than two million tones of discarded plastic bottles. 

It takes a thousand years for plastic to decompose, and they even leak harmful chemicals into our environment as they decompose. 

You can help prevent plastic waste generation by installing a whole house water purification unit.

It reduces your dependence on bottled water and helps reduce plastic in landfills. 

Amazing, right?

#4 Longer plumbing service life with whole house water purification

A whole house water purification system remarkably extends the service life of your plumbing system. That includes your water pipeline and water-using appliances like dishwasher, hot water tank, water heater, washing machine, etc. 

Water containing heavy metals and chemicals damages your plumbing system over time.

Unpurified water with sediments, chlorine, and other pollutants enter your pipeline and appliances, building up inside them causing corrosion. That is sure to reduce the longevity of your plumbing. 

Your residential water purifier cleanses your water and filters out any pollutants that might settle in the pipes and damage them. So you can rest assured of a long service life.

There’s more to it. 

Purified water ensures appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine work more efficiently and last longer. 

That sounds very interesting indeed, doesn’t it?

#5 Have better skin health with clean water

Clean and decontaminated water improves your skin health significantly.


Your skin health is affected by the quality of water you drink, bathe with, and wash your clothes in.

Exposing your skin to water contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals, sulfur, etc., causes skin damage. Symptoms of that include premature aging and acne, among others. 

That is especially true for people with psoriasis and eczema who are more prone to frequent outbreaks due to harmful chemicals present in unfiltered water.   

Also, when you wash your clothes in polluted water, chemicals from the water pass onto your clothes, bedsheets, towels, etc., which stand to harm your skin.  

Water purification removes the contaminants, allowing you to have healthier skin. 

A whole house water purification system is the only way to remove pollutants from your entire household water supply, including the shower and washing machine. 

Nothing feels better than showering in pure, unpolluted water. Right?

#6 Enjoy better-tasting water with a whole house water purification system

You’ve seen how water treatment plants use high chlorine levels, which creates a foul odor, apart from the health problems it causes. 

Substances like heavy metals, sediments, chemicals, etc., ruin water taste. 

Water is the most important fluid for your body, and it has immense benefits for your health. 

You need to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. But that foul taste and smell from your unfiltered tap water may keep you from drinking the right amount of water. 

Whole house water purification ensures that you get pure, clean, and the best tasting water from every single faucet in your home.

You’d surely prefer clean and better-tasting water over your regular tap water. Won’t you?

#7 Purified water protects your clothing

Chemicals like chlorine, sulfur, etc., present in contaminated water harm your clothes during laundry.

These chemicals are sure to fade fabric colors and damage cloth fiber when you wash your clothes. 

Also, detergent froth deposits stay on your clothes, creating odor and leading to skin rashes and allergic reactions. 

You don’t want fading colors and tearing in your favorite clothes. Do you?

Purified water protects your clothes from laundry wear and tear, meaning your clothes last longer. 

#8 Save on soap with water purification

Water with heavy metals and high mineral presence reduces the efficiency of soap. That means you need more soap for showering, washing clothes, and cleaning the dishes. 

Whole house water purification ensures clean water supply to your shower, dishwasher, washing machine, etc., ensuring more efficient cleaning with less soap. 

Thus, your clothes and dishes clean better, and you stand to save on soap expenses. 

Is whole house water purification worthwhile?

You’ve seen how you stand to benefit from a whole house water purification system.

But you may wonder whether it is a worthwhile investment.

You see, a whole house water purifier ensures safe and clean water throughout your home. 

It is recommended even for those with treated municipal water supply. 

Even as the Environmental Protection Agency has set standards for safe public water, many Americans still install in-house water purification units.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, they install these to remove some specific contaminants and as an extra precaution. 

Treated water can still taste and smell foul due to the high chlorine concentration. You don’t want such water for drinking and cooking. Do you?

A whole house water purification unit becomes even more critical if you’re drawing your water from a well. 

You’ll be shocked to know that most tap and well water have moderate to high levels of contaminants in the US. That is caused by industrial and other sources of environmental pollution. 

An investigation found that more than 63 million Americans are exposed to unsafe drinking water. 

You can see why investing in a whole house water purification system is worth it. 

It shields you and your family from all possible health effects of foul water, protecting against major diseases like cancer, tumor, and high cholesterol. 

Whole House Water Purification Vs. Kitchen Water Filters 

Whole House Water Purification

A whole house water purification system outperforms kitchen filters

A whole house water purification system has the edge over a kitchen water filter. 

While a kitchen water filter ensures safe drinking water, a whole house water purifier goes way beyond that.

Whole-house filtration prevents toxic chlorine vapors from forming while you shower. 

Also, since most harmful chemicals and pollutants are filtered out at the point-of-entry itself, you get the cleanest water from every facet of your home. 

Kitchen water filters have limitations even for use in the kitchen. For instance, you can’t get clean water from your kitchen filter into your dishwasher. 

The difference is for you to see.


Installing whole house water purification is the best investment in your health.

Major health issues arising out of contaminated water are a pan American problem. 

That is so despite the Environmental Protection Agency setting high standards for public water supply. 

Whole house water purifiers eliminate all toxic water substances across your home. 

Instead of falling sick, you stand to improve your overall health with clean water. 

That’s why we’ve compiled all the goodness of whole house water purification that you stand to benefit from.





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