Whole House Ozone and Filtration Water Purification System

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Ozone water purification systems are the go-to solution for pure and chemical-free water. They provide clean water through ozone water treatment, which involves ozone infusion into water to eliminate bacteria, viruses, parasites, and excessive metals.

Natural water free from chemicals

An ozone water purifier has powerful oxidizing properties which eliminates chemicals from water, including chlorine used during municipal treatment. Ozonation is a natural process, which means an ozone water treatment system adds no chemicals during the filtration process.

Effective de-contamination

Radioactive water contaminants like radium and arsenic are colorless, odorless, and tasteless; and they can pose serious heath risks. Ozone water purification systems have disinfectant qualities stronger than chlorine, and are 600 times faster than other oxidizers. They can, thus, can get rid of radioactive materials more effectively.

Whole house water purification

Whole house ozone water treatment is possible with an ozone water purifier installed at the ‘point of entry’ or ‘POE,’ which will ensure pure water supply from each faucet of the home.

Safety from foodborne diseases

Studies show that washing food and vegetables from ozonated water kills disease-causing bacteria like Listeria, among others. So an ozone water treatment for home is the best way to keep safe from foodborne illnesses.

Ozonation is a tried-and-tested technology

The first ozone water filter was built in 1906 in Nice, France; and in the 1970s and 80s major improvements were made in ozone purification technology. Ozone water purification systems of today include extensive testing for filtration quality and de-contamination, making them a safe drinking water option.

Promotes healthy lifestyle

Ozone water systems help reduce inflammation and increase natural anti-oxidants in the body, thereby fostering a healthy lifestyle.


Ozone water treatment systems price is one of the lowest of all filtration systems in the market, which makes it a cost-effective option.


Ozone water treatment systems can provide pure water for years with little to no maintenance. They’re the perfect replacement for chlorine and retention tanks, GAC filters, potassium permanganate/greensand filters, air injectors, birm filters, and sand filters.




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