Adsorption / Solar Cooling

Turning Heat into Cold – Using only water as the refrigerant, our adsorption chillers reach new levels of energy efficiency and environmental compatibility, saving 70 to 90% of cooling costs versus conventional cooling systems. They are suited for many different applications – wherever there is residual heat available, including solar generated heat. Please contact us for a free evaluation of your application.

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Additional Information and Specifications: Uses heat to create cooling.

Saves 70 to 90 percent of cooling cost vs. conventional. Only uses water as refrigerant.

Water turns to vapor which gets absorbed by the sorbent, causing evaporative cooling.

Only heat is required to dry the sorbent (could be solar heat)

Higher outside temperatures require special sorbent materials to reject heat better. Zeolyte is the latest material for high ambient temperatures. Sapo 43 (Alumnum Phosphate). Works well in testing up to 45 degree C ambient (113F)

Low maintenance: every 2 years, re-evacuate the tubes that require a vacuum. Clean leaves off the re-cooler. More expensive than a heat pump. Most often used for a base load in the building. Classic chiller as a backup.

Solar thermal systems are not only suitable for space and water heating purposes. Due to necessary overdimensioning in designing the systems, in the summer they produce much more heat than needed. By combining solar collectors with adsorption chillers, this excess heat is used to produce environmentally friendly and efficient cold for buildings and industrial processes.

This pays off greatly in the summer, due to the high cooling demand and the excess heat gathered from the sun.

Thanks to our adsorption chilling technology, the components of the solar system (storage tank and collectors) are better utilized, while at the same time protected from overheating and overloading. This extends the lifespan of the system and improves its efficiency and profitability.

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