Phase Change Material (PCM) for Refrigerated Trucking and Thermal Storage

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Phase Change Materials (PCM) in the Active Thermal Transport System (ATTS) are designed to greatly reduce diesel fuel costs in your reefer truck by maintaining temperatures in your trailer.  Less refrigeration run time means less repair costs and maintaining temps protects your payload and profits.  Typical savings exceed 50% of fuel costs to run the refrigeration system in the trailer.

This innovative material can also dramatically improve the efficiency of Thermal Storage HVAC systems that use night time lower cost energy to (typically create ice, but in this case freeze the PCM) store cooling energy that is used for free during the daytime.

The PCM is engineered to have a melt/freeze transition temperature, referred to as the “Q Value,” that is close to the control temperature of the space where the PCM is installed.

PCM enables temperature control across multiple temperature ranges, including cryogenically frozen, frozen, sub-zero, refrigerated, cool, and room temperature options with single-use and reusable products. Our range of solutions allows precise load temperatures to be maintained for 24-120 hours, ensuring safe shipments of high-value goods around the world. Subsequently, the truck’s refrigeration system or building HVAC system doesn’t turn on or cycle as frequently thus greatly reducing energy use and the need to add additional fuel or leave trucks running overnight or indefinitely.

  • Reduces Compressor Run Time Significantly for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Reduces Fuel Consumption for Refrigeration by 50% or More
  • Reduces Wear and Tear on Refrigeration Equipment, Saving Costs
  • Keeps Temperatures Steady in the Trailer, Reducing Spoilage
  • Transferable from One Trailer to Another without Reducing Effectiveness
  • Built to Last Indefinitely without Performance Degradation
  • FDA Approved and Non-Flammable
  • Typical Payback Period of 18 to 36 Months (33% to 66% Annual Return on Investment)


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