8 Reasons To Install Solar Lighting In Your Home

solar lighting

With solar lighting you can light up your home for free.

Solar technology takes lighting solutions to a whole new level. 

You may have heard of rooftop solar shingles and how they’ve transformed the way we consume electricity. 

From zero utility bills to eco-friendliness, the advantages of solar energy are endless. 

However, solar panel installation for your entire home can be too expensive. 

In fact, it is the huge upfront investment that prevents people from switching over to solar. 

That’s exactly where solar lighting comes in handy. 

You see, a considerable part of our energy bills are from lighting. 

Solar lights work off the grid and don’t add to your energy bills. So you’re sure to save big on your electricity expenses. 

The best thing is solar lights cost just a fraction of a whole-house solar panel installation. 

That means you can have all the benefits of solar technology without breaking your bank. 

How does solar lighting work?

You’ve seen how solar lighting transforms the way you light up your home. They make the lighting in your home energy independent. 

But have you wondered how exactly they do so?

Solar panels power solar lights, and these panels’ solar or photovoltaic cells convert the sunlight into electricity. The electricity generated thus lights up your home. 

The solar lighting fixtures usually include a battery, which stores electricity and powers your lighting when the sun goes down. 

In fact, a powerful battery can easily back up your lighting for three to four days. So even if it is snowing or raining, you can still have your home illuminated. 

Interesting, isn’t it? 

Reasons To Go For Solar Lighting 

Solar lighting uses sunlight to generate electricity and light up your home.

Be it interior or landscape lighting, solar lights have got you covered. 

You see, lighting is a significant factor that determines your home’s aesthetics. And that applies to both indoor and outdoor light fixtures. 

You can simply install any lighting type by going solar, as the lighting options you get are simply endless. 

You can choose from the classical elegance of incandescent bulbs to the LEDs’ bright and efficient lighting. 

There’s more to residential solar lighting. So let’s have a look at it in detail. 

#1. Solar Lighting Will Save You Money

Did you know that a large part of your energy consumption is from lighting?

As per the Energy Information Agency, lighting contributes to at least 10 percent of household energy bills. 

And that figure is sure to increase, depending on your lighting type and intensity. 

Even as whole house solar panels are ideal, investing a huge amount in these panels can be a problem. 

However, solar lighting is readily available at incredibly low prices.  

By going solar, you take your residential lighting totally off the grid. So you can illuminate your home intensively for free, as solar lighting adds no extra cost to your energy bills. 

In fact, you stand to recover your initial lighting investment by saving on utility bills. 

There you have it, a cost-efficient lighting solution that saves your money. 

#2. Solar lights are easy to install 

The traditional lighting materials are quite complex to install, as you need to work with complicated wirings to light up your home.

That’s not the case with solar lights. 

Solar lights are directly connected to the panels with single wiring. So you get a reliable lighting source without the complexity of regular lamps.

That’s precisely why solar lighting projects are considered DIY-friendly. 

There’s more to it. 

Solar lights offer you mobility unlike any other. You can easily reposition them across your home without hassle. 

For instance, you can unhook your lights and fixate them at a place with more sunlight exposure. 

Sounds like a simple fix for lighting your home. Doesn’t it?

#3. Solar-powered lighting is environmentally friendly

The traditional lighting in our homes is connected to the grid. And residential energy supply can be from unsustainable sources like a coal-fired power plant. So your lights can contribute to environmental pollution and ecological damage. 

On the contrary, solar lights are entirely eco-friendly. 

They use sunlight to generate energy, which has zero environmental cost since no toxic pollutants are released. 

You can reduce your dependence on the grid with solar lighting, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. 

Amazing, right?

#4. Solar lighting is a low-maintenance and long-lasting option

Solar lights need little to no maintenance. 

The solar panels that power your lighting system will last you between 25 and 30 years. And they need zero maintenance all this while. 

All you need to do is clean the solar components once in a while and change the batteries every 5 to 7 years. 

Also, by fixing LED lamps to your solar lighting system, you can increase its longevity manifold. 

That’s because LEDs have a long service life, between 50,000 and 75,000 hours, which is way longer than traditional lighting options. 

On the contrary, regular lighting fixtures need frequent maintenance. You might even need to change the light bulbs quite often and repair the fixtures, wirings, etc. 

So it makes sense to switch over to solar lights. 

#5. You get extended safety with solar lighting

solar lighting

Solar lights are safe to install

Solar lights are the safest-to-install option since you don’t have to work on any external wiring. 

You see, complex wirings in a traditional lighting system are very unsafe, as there are chances of electrocution during and after installation. Also, there is an increased risk of overheating and subsequent electrical fires. 

You don’t want an unsafe lighting system for your home. Do you?

#6. Solar-powered lights are aesthetically pleasing

When we talk of solar lights, it might evoke images of bland and old-fashioned lights. 

While it is true that the older solar lights were dull and dim, the newer solar lights have changed that perception.

Modern-day solar lighting options are available in diverse shapes and sizes. 

Whether you’re looking to light up your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or outdoor spaces like walkways, garden, etc., there are endless options readily available for you. 

You can choose from LED panel light to an LED dimmable downlight based on your taste and requirements. That allows you to create an aesthetically pleasing lighting decor by installing solar lights. 

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? 

#7. Solar lighting is an excellent option for nighttime safety

The biggest challenge for homeowners is safety during nighttime since burglary is commonplace across the States. 

You’ll be shocked to know that three instances of burglary happen every minute across America. And most of these burglaries occur during the nighttime. That is because most of the homes lack proper outdoor lighting. 

You see, exterior lighting with LED flood light is known to deter crimes like burglary and theft, as burglars can no longer hide their identity. So they’re most likely to target homes with dark exteriors. 

Solar lighting is your one-stop solution to light up your outdoor space and deters burglars. 

With solar lights, your exterior gets illuminated automatically as soon as it gets dark outside. So you don’t have to switch on your outdoor lights manually. That means even if you’re away from home, your lights are turned on. 

There it is, a lighting solution that keeps your property safe. 

#8. Solar lighting offers a reliable illumination

Traditional lighting options are connected to the grid, and there are always chances of a power outage and grid failure. 

Your home goes dark in a situation like that. So it makes sense to switch to an autonomous lighting solution. 

Solar lighting installation means zero reliance on the grid. So even if your locality faces a power outage, your home will remain well-lit. 

Also, solar lights are reliable for all weather conditions since a powerful battery backs them.  

While the initial investment might keep you from installing solar lights, investing in one is worthwhile. 

Lighting Your Landscape With Solar Lights

Lighting up the landscape of your home is essential for many reasons. It enhances the nighttime aesthetics of your property and also improves its security. 

However, landscape lighting can be an expensive affair. That’s because lighting your landscape is sure to increase your energy bills. 

You can light up your landscape for free with solar lighting since it isn’t connected to the grid and generates its own light using sun rays. 

Also, solar lights for landscaping are available for multiple purposes, like lighting your garden, walkway, parking space, etc. 

The best part is that solar-powered landscape lights are very DIY-friendly. So you don’t need to hire a lighting professional to install your landscape solar lighting. 

There’s more to solar landscape lights, so let’s dive in. 

Advantages of Solar Landscape Lighting

#1. You don’t need any electric connections for solar landscape lights

Lighting up your landscape with solar lights is the most convenient option. That’s because you don’t need any wiring or electrical connection. 

You see, every exterior solar lamp is powered by an individual solar panel, which helps it work independently. And that isn’t possible with regular landscape lights, which include complicated wirings and connections. 

In fact, installing solar landscape lighting is much easier than indoor solar lamps. 

Apart from the convenience, solar lights also offer safety as you don’t have to lay wirings through your garden or walkway. 

Also, less electrical wiring means the lighting installation project is easy to DIY. 

As you might know, DIY projects are trendy as it gives you complete control over your project. 

That’s interesting for sure, isn’t it? 

#2. Save big in the long-term

Landscape lighting is a necessity for many reasons. It improves your property’s security and also enhances its aesthetics. 

But did you know that lighting up your landscape can inflate your electricity expenses?

According to Forbes Advisor, a 0.1 KW landscape light adds $60 to your energy charges every year. 

You stand to save this amount with solar lighting, as it will light your landscape for free. 

The best part is that solar-powered landscape lights don’t need regular maintenance, unlike traditional ones. Battery replacement after every 4-5 years is the only expense you incur on maintenance. 

While the initial installation cost may seem exhaustive, you’re sure to recover your investment in the form of energy savings. 

So there it is, a landscape lighting alternative to save big on your utility bills. 

Solar Lighting: FAQs 

#1. Do solar lights work when it’s cloudy?

Solar lights work efficiently even if it is cloudy or raining, as the solar panels keep charging the batteries. 

Also, a solar lighting system continues to light up your home for up to four days without sunlight. 

So you can rest assured as your solar lights will continue to work in all weather conditions.  

#2. How long does a solar lighting system last? 

The lifespan of a solar lighting system differs for its different components.

For instance, the solar panels that power your lights last for 20 years. Similarly, the batteries and other electrical components might need to be changed every five years.  

When we talk about the lighting itself, LED lights are sure to last you for 50,000 hours or more. Also, they make your overall system last longer. 

On the contrary, incandescent lights last only up to 750 hours and also burden the overall lighting system since they’re energy-intensive. 

#3. Can you convert your existing landscape lights into solar lighting?

You can repurpose your existing landscape lights to run on solar power. 

However, you might need to change your light fixtures to ones that are solar enabled. That’s because you need to add additional components like solar panels, batteries, etc. 

You see, adding extra components increases the weight of your landscape lighting fixture. And your existing fixtures may not be able to withstand extra weight. 


Solar lights have changed the way we illuminate our homes. 

Gone are the days when lighting spaces like the landscape would break your bank. 

With solar lighting, you can illuminate your home extensively at zero cost. That means you can recover your lighting investment by saving up on energy bills. 

Want more? 

You stand to save the environment by installing a solar lighting system, as unsustainable energy sources might power regular lighting. 

So investing in solar lighting is totally worthwhile. 



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