5Watt In-Ground Landscape Light – Turtle-Friendly Amber (585NM)

5 x 4 in

Product Dimensions: 5 x 4 in

Warranty: 24 months

Product Tags: Lighting Solutions, LED Fixtures, LED Turtle Lamps, Turtle Lamp

Unit of Sale: Each

Additional Product Certifications: CE/ROHS

Watts: 5

Volts: 12V

Color: Amber (Turtle)

Beam Angle: Sideways

Luminous Flux: 200 Lumens

Additional Information and Specifications: The Eco-$mart Turtle Light Collection is designed with wildlife protection in mind. With a peak spectral output of 585 nanometers (Amber) and 625 nanometers (Red), light output falls within the optimal wavelength range of sea turtle friendly lighting (over 560 nanometers), Save 70-80% energy costs when replacing incandescent lamps, Long lifespan, over 50,000 hours. Little to no maintenance for 7 years, Safe low heat light, Environment friendly, no UV and infrared, no mercury, Solid State, Vibration-resistant, Safe shipping, handling, and installation, Applications: The Eco-$mart Turtle light is Wildlife Lighting Approved when installed in a wildlife friendly fixture and used to meet minimal lighting standards. It has wide applications and is very suitable for low light areas and decorative lighting in: Landscaping

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