6 Must-have Accessories For Your Indoor Grow Room In 2022

indoor grow room accessories

Did you know that indoor grow room accessories can maximize your yields? 

You can get the most out of your indoor grow room plantation, some basic accessories are all you need. 

An indoor grow room plantation is already a promising business with an unmatched scope of profitability. And as more states are legalizing medical and recreational cannabis, there’s a huge increase in residential grow room building projects. 

However, large-scale commercial growing facilities, with their high-performance accessories and better know-how, fare better over indoor grow rooms. That’s because most indoor growers lack a well insulated enclosure along with the right tools. So the grow room operations largely depend on trial and error.

In fact, it is unnecessary experimentation and lack of accessories that results in grow room failures. 

You don’t want your indoor growing facility to be unsuccessful. Do you?

With appropriate tools at your disposal, you can build an efficient eco-friendly grow room. Also, you have complete control over your indoor cultivation, including production quality and volume.

Amazing, right?

Essential Indoor Grow Room Accessories To Boost Your Business:

You see, growing cannabis in an enclosed space like a grow room is quite a task. 

Since marijuana is a temperamental plant, you need to create the perfect conditions for them to grow and produce a better yield. And that’s much easier to do in an industrial facility than in homes, the reason why people are still skeptical of building residential grow rooms

That’s where indoor grow room accessories come in handy, aiding your cannabis production and making it easy to create the desired conditions. 

What exactly are these accessories, you may ask? 

There are dozens of grow room accessories in the market, from indoor climate controls to lighting. But you don’t need all the tools out there, except for some important ones, to improve your yields. 

That’s precisely why we’ve compiled six must-have accessories for your indoor grow house to help you scale up your business. So let’s take a look at them.

#1. Co2 generation kits to maximize plant growth

indoor grow room accessories

Providing your cannabis plants with adequate carbon dioxide is one of the simplest and most effective ways to maximize your yields. That’s because plants need enough carbon dioxide to have optimum growth.

But the problem with indoor growing is that your plants don’t get sufficient Co2 naturally, so you’ve to add it yourself. And it’s for this reason that Co2 generation kits are considered one of the most vital indoor grow room accessories. 

In fact, Co2 generation equipment adds enhanced levels of carbon dioxide in your grow room, thus significantly boosting growth in your plantation. 

You can choose between options like standard Co2 generators, pre-filled tanks, and natural Co2 bags to equip your grow room. 

You might wonder which of these Co2 kits are apt for your grow room operations? 

The type of Co2 generation accessories you need for indoor growing depends on the size of your grow room and your Co2 requirements. 

For instance, a standard Co2 generator should be your go-to option if you have a medium to large-sized grow room. That’s because these generators can produce huge amounts of Co2, which will aid your plant growth exponentially. 

However, since Co2 generators occupy a lot of space in the growing area, they aren’t the right option if your grow room is small-sized or if space is at a premium. So you can go for Co2 tanks, as these can be installed outside your indoor plantation. You can have a tube connected to the tank and run through the grow room, which will evenly distribute carbon dioxide.

Also, if you’re a hobbyist growing small batches of cannabis in compact grow rooms like your closet, Co2 bags will come in handy. That means even if you have a tiny growing area, you can still maximize growth naturally using Co2. 

Here’s a catch while using Co2 generation kits:

You see, even as Co2 is the natural way to enhance your grow room yields, unbalanced Co2 can be counterproductive. That’s because Co2 is not the only energy source for plants; they need light, too, for photosynthesis. 

Excessive Co2 can damage your marijuana plantation, the reason why you should balance it with proper grow lights for plants. 

Also, Co2 regulators are an excellent way to keep carbon dioxide levels in your grow room under control. 

#2. Hygrometer and thermometer are critical indoor grow room accessories 

As an indoor grower, you need to check the humidity levels in your grow room frequently and adjust them as required. That’s because cannabis plantation needs a balance of humidity for proper growth and yields.

You see, your plants soak up excess water and are deprived of soil nutrients in low-humidity conditions. Similarly, a highly humid indoor grow room can lead to fungus formation on the leaves and buds of your plant. 

You won’t like to see any of these situations affecting your plantation. Would you? 

That’s exactly why a hygrometer is among the few indoor grow room accessories you must have, no matter the size of your plantation. 

With a good quality hygrometer, you can accurately measure the water vapor in your grow room and balance it accordingly using indoor climate control systems. 

Next up comes the thermometer, which again is among those vital accessories; without one, you can’t run your indoor grow room. 

Just as humidity, the temperature is also a key determinant of the quality and volume of your cannabis production. 

The ideal temperature for a grow room is between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, as this temperature range provides the best growing conditions for marijuana plants. And a grow room climate colder or hotter than this range will slow down the growth of your plants, eventually killing them. 

While your HVAC systems can keep the grow room cool or warm depending on the need, you need a thermometer to have precise temperature readings and regulate it accordingly. 

So with a high-quality hygrometer and thermometer, you can precisely read the grow room climate and regulate it perfectly. 

#3. You need HVAC systems to create the right climate 

indoor grow room accessories

Your grow room needs the perfect climate conditions for plant growth, which is hard to create in some places of your home. 

For instance, if you build a grow room in your garage, you’ll need to warm or cool the place to maintain optimum temperature constantly. That’s because your garage isn’t a very well-insulated enclosure, unlike the basement. 

Further, an indoor growing facility in the basement lacks proper ventilation, which can damage your entire marijuana plantation. 

That means it doesn’t matter in which corner of your home you’re building the grow room; you need a high-performance HVAC system. 

Your HVAC system will efficiently use the right combination of heating and cooling to maintain the most optimum grow room temperature, thus resulting in the healthiest plant growth. Also, it will ensure that the desired temperature range is maintained steadily throughout the growth cycle since any significant temperature fluctuation can be disastrous for our plants. 

Interesting, isn’t it? 

Even as installing a proper HVAC system for your grow room is not an easy thing to do, it is totally worthwhile. And by having one among your indoor grow room accessories, you can rest assured of the right cannabis growing climate. 

#4. Indoor circulation fans are vital accessories for your grow room 

After you’ve installed the HVAC systems, you need circulation fans to move air across your grow room. 

But you might wonder why exactly are these fans needed?

After all, you already have the HVACs to control your indoor climate. 

You see, inline fans ensure an even and constant air circulation across your grow room, something you need to maintain proper plant health. Also, exposing your cannabis plants to a steady air breeze can help strengthen their stem and branches. 

There’s more to it. 

Circulation fans are counted as vital accessories for your indoor grow room as they prevent mold, pest, and plant diseases from developing in your plantation. On the contrary, stagnant air can be the breeding ground for pests and mold, even if an optimal temperature is maintained in the growing facility. 

In fact, you can use the fans to manage your grow room temperatures, thereby reducing the burden on your HVACs and saving your energy costs. 

And the best part is that circulation or inline fans are super cheap when compared to other indoor grow room accessories, which means they don’t break the bank. 

Sounds impressive, right? 

Where to install these fans, you may ask?

You can mount the fans on the frame of your grow room, as it will ensure that air flows directly to the plants. And if space is not a constraint, you can even go for floor fans since these are simple to install and use. 

Complement the airflow system with exhaust fans

Your circulation fans work best when combined with exhaust fans for the grow room, as the latter removes stale air and helps you keep humidity levels balanced. 

#5. LED grow lights to illuminate your indoor grow room efficiently

indoor grow room accessories

When you shop for indoor grow room accessories, lighting is something that you shouldn’t ignore since your marijuana plants need proper lighting for photosynthesis. 

The lighting materials apt for the grow room include extensively used HPS, HID, and LED grow lights

However, if you are looking for efficient lighting solutions, LED grow lights should be your go-to choice. 

You see, LED grow room lights consume less than half as much energy as their counterparts like HIDs, which means you stand to lower your operational costs. 

Further, LEDs emit zero heat, which means you can safely hang them close to the canopy of your plantation and accelerate photosynthesis, thus maximizing plant growth. 

In fact, LED grow lights with a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours outlast all other lighting materials on the market, so you can be worry free of frequently changing the lights. 

That sounds awesome for sure, doesn’t it? 

Want more? 

You become eligible for heavy rebates from energy companies by getting LED grow lights. And they can be as much as 90 percent of your total LED cost. 

That means while you save up on your grow room utility charges, you also stand a good chance to recover most of your LED investment through rebates. 

Do any other indoor grow room accessories offer to pay you back?  

No, right?

#6. Humidifiers / Dehumidifiers 

As you’ve seen, the right balance of humidity level is critical to proper plant growth. And while you can measure how humid your grow room is using a hygrometer, you can’t use it to regulate the moisture. 

It’s here that humidifiers and dehumidifiers come in handy. They let you keep the humidity balanced and make optimum cannabis growth possible. 

Wrapping it up

The indoor growing industry is booming, and a grow room equipped with the right accessories offers you a profitable business. 

But choosing these accessories for your indoor plantation can be a task since the market is full of grow room tools. 

You don’t need all of the tools to maximize your cannabis yields. The reason why we have handpicked the most important ones for you.  

At Eco-$mart Inc, we help build indoor grow rooms with sustainable building materials. So if you’re looking to build one for yourself, you’re at the right place. 




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