5 Best Hurricane Resistant Eco Roofing Solutions For Your Home

hurricane resistant roofing

Looking for a roofing solution that is hurricane resistant? 

If not, it’s time you upgrade your roofing and make it resistant to hurricane/s. 

You see, what hurricanes, including the most devastating ones like Ian, have shown is that our roofs are highly vulnerable to disasters. That’s because weather extremities such as these can rip off your roof shingles, tiles, and even the deck in no time. 

And it’s not just about the damage caused to our homes since it’s the safety of inhabitants that’s at stake. 

But is there a way you could make your roof hurricane proof? 

Certainly, yes. 

There are impact resistant roofing materials readily available on the market, something you can switch over to and ensure the full-proof safety of your roof. 

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? 

When it comes to choosing a hurricane resistant roofing material, we always suggest you go for an eco-friendly solution. As such, you can have a sturdy roof that is ecologically sound as well. 

In case you’re doubtful about the strength of eco-friendly building materials, especially when it comes to roofing, you can rest easy as these materials easily outlast their unsustainable counterparts. 

That said, let’s have a look at the best solutions to make your roofing hurricane resistant. 

#1. Nothing beats hurricane resistant metal roofing 

hurricane resistant roofing

If there’s one material that can make your roof the strongest of all, it’s metal. No wonder why metal roofing has topped our list of best hurricane resistant eco roofing solutions. 

When Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida, it had already become a Category 1 storm, causing super high-speed winds. And as it is clear post-hurricane, most roofs in the way of Ian couldn’t keep intact. 

So you’d agree when we say that your roof should be sturdy enough to withstand hurricanes and storms of this type. Won’t you? 

Thankfully, with scalloped metal roofing, you can be worry-free no matter the weather outside, as these roofing materials will stand strong even in winds up to 160 MPH. That means no matter what kind of hurricane strikes next; your roofing will be entirely disaster resistant, keeping you and your home safe. 

Want more? 

Metal roofing is also one of the most sustainable building materials, as they are 100 percent recyclable. 

In fact, most of the metal roof shingles or tiles are already manufactured with recycled stainless steel. Meaning, you get a hurricane proof roofing solution that is environmentally friendly too. 

However, there’s a catch with these hurricane resistant roofing shingles

Even though metal roofs are sturdy and can stand high impacts, they might fail to protect you if not installed the right way. 

You see, it’s important for metal shingles to comply with design guidelines, including those for the slope, shape, and deck of your roof. And the best way you can ensure that is by having your roof installed by roofing professionals. That’s because they understand the best ways to lay out your roofing panels and fasten them for the highest endurance. 

Does that mean you can’t DIY your metal roofing? 

Not at all. 

You can install your metal shingles by yourself; however, we recommend you do so with the guidance of a roofing expert. 

Bonus: you can have just about any roofing design with metal shingles

A hurricane resistant roofing need not be bland and lacking in aesthetics, as you get to choose from an extensive range of designs. 

Take Decra metal roof shingles, for instance, which offer designs and shapes precisely resembling wood shakes and Italian villa tiles, among others. 

#2. Slate tiles have high impact resistance 

hurricane resistant roofing

Wondering if you could have a sturdy roof featuring classical elegance?

If yes, then slate tiles are exactly the roofing materials you should go for. 

Slate tiles are one of the oldest roofing solutions and are popular to date, so much so that you can still find some of the palatial Florida mansions featuring them. 

And what about the strength of these tiles, you may ask? 

While it’s true that slate tiles don’t match metal shingles in terms of hurricane resistance, you can still have them if you want good old style roofing. That’s because slate tile roofing can withstand winds up to 110 MPH and won’t get damaged unless there’s an extreme weather event. 

Also, the manufacturers of slate tiles have been designing them with storms and hurricanes in mind, the reason why you’ll find pre-drilled screw holes on most of them. The result: screwing prevents these tiles from being blown away in high wind conditions. 

The best thing about slate tiles is that they’re covered by extended warranties going up to 50 years. In fact, in terms of longevity, these roofing materials can last you for the next hundred years; all they’ll need is timely maintenance. 

However, when installing such roofing, it’s always better to trust seasoned roofing professionals since slate calls for quality workmanship. 

Further, compared to materials like metal or wood, slate can be way heavier, meaning you might need to put up roof reinforcements. 

#3. Eco shake roofing shingles are both sustainable and hurricane resistant  

hurricane resistant roofing

Did you know that eco shake shingles are the most sustainable of all hurricane resistant roofing materials? 

These roofing shingles and tiles are made with entirely recycled materials like vinyl and cellulose fiber. And upon the end of their service life, they can be totally recycled to make a new batch of shingles. 

As a result, there’s zero chance that eco shakes will ever end up in the dump yards and cause environmental damage. 

Now, coming to the hurricane resistance capabilities of these materials, eco shake shingles feature a highly sturdy construct and come with a Class 4 impact rating. Also, they’re able to withstand wind speeds of more than 110 MPH and undergo rigorous quality tests to ascertain the same. 

That’s impressive, isn’t it? 

There’s more to eco shake shingles

The manufacturers of these shingles are quite confident of the robust build quality eco shakes. And that’s why they’re covered by a warranty for as long as 50 years. So, you can rest assured as your roofing will last for at least half a century.   

Further, apart from being hurricane resistant, eco shake shingles also have a Class A fire rating, making your home more secure. 

Talking about roofing decor, eco shake shingles are designed to replicate elegant cedar shakes and are available in a range of warm and pleasing colors. 

Does any other roofing material include so many features? 

Probably not. 

#4. Reclaimed wood shakes are eco-friendly and robust

reclaimed hardwood roof

When it comes to choosing a hurricane resistant roofing solution, wood would be the last option to cross your mind. However, it’s an option worth considering, given the highly sturdy construct that wood shakes feature and the beautiful roofs they make. 

Surprising as it may sound, wood shakes withstand weather extremities exceptionally well, and good quality hardwood roofing can even stand strong in the wind speeds up to 200 MPH. 

But what about eco-friendliness, you may ask? 

You see, even though wood, in general, is highly unsustainable, that’s not the case with shingles made from reclaimed wood. That’s because such wooden shingles are made with wood from older structures which is then recycled and repurposed. 

Nevertheless, when we’re talking about wood shakes, there are certain things you should be aware of. 

First, wood shakes or shingles are cost intensive in terms of upfront investment, installation labor, repair, and replacement. 

Second, like every wooden material, these roofs are prone to mold and bug infestation. And that reduces the longevity of the overall roofing system and calls for frequent maintenance. 

Third, most wooden roofs aren’t fire-resistant, even though some manufacturers coat the shingles with fire retardants. As a result, wood shakes may not qualify for the Class A fire rating requirement of certain counties. 

#5. Solar roofing shingles 

solar shingles

What comes to your mind when you think about a solar roofing system? 

Most likely, it’s the bulky solar panels that aren’t as impact resistant as the other sturdy roofing materials we looked at. 

However, with innovations in solar energy and the advent of solar shingles, solar roofing panels may soon become a thing of the past. 


Solar panels gained popularity as a roofing solution that reduced your utility bills and provided clean energy to your home. But, they weren’t without their shortcomings since they not only increased the weight of your roof but also ruined roofing aesthetics. 

On the contrary, modern-day solar shingles go far beyond addressing the problems of their predecessors, redefining residential solar energy

For instance, take the Apollo solar roofing system, which consists of roofing tiles and shingles that you can use just like any other roofing material. As such, you can either use an Apollo solar roofing tile over your existing shingles or make completely new roofing. 

Talking about hurricane resistance, these shingles are designed to easily withstand wind speeds up to 150 MPH. Meaning, apart from providing clean and free energy, these solar shingles will also keep you safe no matter how extreme the weather is. 

Amazing, right? 

Things to consider when building impact resistant roofing:

  • The most important thing to consider when building a hurricane resistant roof is the shape of your roofing. You can go for a roofing design featuring multiple slopes, like a hip roof, as they can best resist high impact. 
  • Next up is the roof slope, which roofing experts suggest should be maintained at an angle of 30 degrees. That’s because steeper slopes are more susceptible to high winds during hurricanes and storms, no matter what roofing material is used. 
  • Finally, when it comes to fastening the roofing shingles, you should always go for hurricane straps. 

Wrapping it up

You see, it doesn’t matter which part of the country you stay in; impact resistant roofing is a prerequisite. Especially in the wake of the disaster that Hurricane Ian caused, the need for sturdy and robust roofing can’t be overstated. 

Thankfully, hurricane resistant roofing solutions designed to prevent ecological damage too are readily available on the market. 

At Eco-$mart Inc, we’ve got best-in-class eco-friendly roofing solutions designed to stand strong in the worst of weather extremities. So, if you’re looking for one such roofing solution for your home, you can reach out to us. 



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