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Natural grass flooring offer a sound alternative conventional floors.

Color: Birma,Celebes,Luzon,M.G. Deluxe,Mountain Grass,Osaka,T.S. Deluxe,Turbot

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Additional Information and Specifications: “Natural Grass Carpets are a natural answer to petroleum based flooring carpets that pollute the environment in manufacturing and installation. Perennial grasses are harvested each year, providing a renewable source of tough durable fiber that is woven into carpets and rugs. Varied colors, grains, and textures of natural green grass carpet add character to the woven surface and bring the beauty of nature indoors. Click the images below to see more.

The Natural Grass flooring carpet collection is very eco-friendly, manufactured from perennial sea and mountain grass with no dyes or chemical treatments. The colors and grains of nature are woven into these beautiful carpets. That makes a grass carpet natural choice.
All Natural Fiber Sustainable Source No VOC No Oil Based Materials”

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