Marmoleum Click Cinchloc Flooring 1′ x 3′ Tiles (Case of 7 Tiles / 20.34sf)

All Natural Healthy Durable Flooring

Product Weight: 16 lbs

Color: barbados, caribbean, van gogh, blue heaven, pine forest, concrete, adriatica, white cliffs, summer pudding, lemon zest, blue pacific beaches (textura),bleeckerstreet, chartreuse, eternity, cliffs of moher (textura),black, volcanic ash, shitake, welsh moor, silver birch, walnut, trace of nature, oxidized copper, granada, donkey island, painters palette, black sheep

Warranty: 300 months

Product Tags: Green Building, Flooring, Indoor Air Quality,

Unit of Sale: Each

Additional Information and Specifications: “Marmoleum Click is the perfect floor for those who want the durability and cleanliness of Marmoleum, but who wish for a unique design for their floor. These panels are 12″” x 36″” tiles. Its unique construction with the patented click system, combined with a broad colour palette, give you a natural floor with maximum design freedom.
Marmoleum Click is a high-quality product and the ideal flooring for most rooms in the house, from the hallway, kitchen and children’s rooms, where traffic is likely to be heaviest, to the living room, study or bedroom. The only places it’s not suitable for are ‘wet’ rooms like the bathroom or sauna.
Marmoleum Click floor is easily installed. A simple tongue-and-groove system allows you to simply ‘click’ the panels into place. Marmoleum click panels are nice and wide, so a good smooth floor is quickly finished. And no glue is required, so the floor can be walked on immediately after installation.
Design it yourself Marmoleum is the Natural Choice
Ecologically produced from natural raw materials; linseed oil, pine rosin, and wood flour.
Extremely hygienic, clean and bacteriostatic.
Very comfortable, with sound reduction.
Creative; Design your own floor. Combine Colors, Tiles and Panels
Easy to install with a simple In & Out system. No messy glue.
Practical and very durable; dent resistant, stain resistant, fade resistant, antistatic.
Indoor Air Quality: A dust-free house is healthier for asthma patients suffering from dust mite allergy. The floor is an important factor, because lots of dust can build up there. Marmoleum is therefore a solution because it is easy to keep dust-free. Laboratory studies have also shown Marmoleum to be both anti-static and bacteriostatic: micro-organisms do not thrive easily on it, which makes the floor naturally hygienic.”

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