Daylighting Control System


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Additional Information and Specifications: “Custom built daylighting controls offer a variety of sizes of lighting controls and lighting packages for all design needs. For larger spaces, we supply 2 stage PLC design controllers designed into single enclosures with all the required lighting contactors and sensors.
Our controllers are custom designed for your facility and can be adapted far any size space, even sites with multiple switch or breaker locations. For smaller spaces, we can supply you with ceiling and wall mounted sensors as well as wall switch replacements.
Daylighting Dimmer Motor
We can provide a “”bundled”” project estimate for daylighting, lighting, and controls along with energy calculations and design documents. We work with one of the Nation’s largest lighting companies to assure you professional and cost efficent lighting and electrical solutions.
Active Daylighting Hybrid Lighting Passive Daylighting Dimmer Control Control Systems Security

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