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    Indoor Air Quality

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 Indoor Air Quality 

Item Number: IAQ-, AC-
Unit of Issue: Varied

Indoor Air Quality has an impact on the value of any building and the health of its occupants. Today’s energy efficient buildings are generally sealed, allowing the concentration of indoor air pollution to levels that are dangerous to those who live or work in those buildings. Condensation and other damp conditions in a building create conditions for the growth of bio-contaminants such as Bacteria, Viruses and Mold. Mold fills the air around it with allergenic spores, spreads quickly and can be very destructive. Synthetic building materials, paints and solvents can introduce chemical contaminants like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide into a room. Without proper ventilation, these contaminants can accumulate to dangerously unhealthy levels.


Residential Dehumidification

Stand Alone and Ducted

Mold Preventing Interior System

Creates a monolithic interior surface that prevents mold
and helps maintain a healthy, comfortable indoor environment.

Boards & Trim

Mold Fighting Board Finish Interior walls and ceilings with mold fighting materials.

Coatings & Compounds

Active Plaster Cleans Room Air
Special Filler, Primer, & Plaster with mold fighting properties.

Insulation Board & Foil

Interior Insulation
Insulate from the inside.
For retrofit & renovation.

Sporicide Fog & Spray

Sporicide Fog
Eliminate Mold Spores Ecologically on all surfaces and in the air.



Friendly Oxidizer IAQ Machine
Friendly Oxidizer
IAQ Machine
UV Air Purifier
Evaporator Coil
UV Air Purifier
UV Air Purifier
Residential In-Duct
UV Air Purifier
Membrane Energy Recovery Ventilator
Membrane Energy
Recovery Ventilator
Air Cycle - Intelligent Fan Recycler
Intelligent Fan Recycler