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    Mold Disinfection and Air Sterilization

Eliminate Mold Spores Ecologically

Sporacide Kills Mold Before It Breeds Ecologically Sound Sporacide Spray

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No matter how they manage to spread inside buildings, mold and spores need to be eliminated. Sporacide Spray works in a completely natural way, using fruit acid that is readily absorbed by spores. The oxidizing action of the fruit acid attacks the spores from inside and kills them. Safe for humans and the environment.
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LED High Power 12W PAR38 Light Ecologically Sound Sporacide Fog

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The highly effective anti-spore fog is atomized to reach into ventilation systems, AC ducts and other difficult to access areas. The result is spore free ambient air throughout the structure. Safe and easy to use, anti-spore fog can be used even in food processing facilities.
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 For the demobilisation of spores on surfaces
 For the disinfection of all surfaces
 Developed for the elimination of mycelium and spores of mold on all surfaces
 Applicable in all areas in private, commercial, and industrial buildings (even in food processing facilities)

This product assists in mold control, but under no circumstances is it a substitute for eliminating the cause of mold growth. Eco-$mart offers a full line of interior building supplies made to eliminate the source of moist, mold growing conditions in homes and buildings. For new construction, renovation and restoration.

 eliminates mycelium and spores
 eliminates all kinds of mold
 non-hazardous to health
   free of alcohol
   free of chlorine
   free of hypochlorite
   free of aldehyde
   free of quaternary ammonium compounds
 antibacterial effect
 easy to handle
 eliminates mycotoxins and allergens
 residues can be disposed as domestic waste

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