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    Friendly Oxidizer IAQ Machine

Sanitize an entire building with Friendly Oxidation Technology

Mold Preventing Interior System

Friendly Oxidizer IAQ Machine technology is a positive pressure, complete indoor air purification device, which works up to 3,000 square feet of area. It continuously produces and distributes friendly oxidizers which create a molecular imbalance in all bacteria and viruses, immediately causing their destruction, sanitizing the entire area 24/7 with no manual effort. Friendly Oxidizer technology has been successfully tested by the CDC, the FDA and the Department of Homeland Security and has been used for years to keep astronauts healthy at the International Space Station.

Eliminates viruses, bacteria, mold, odors, smoke, and more
   99.9% Surface and airborne bacteria/ virus reduction
   99% Reduction of H1N1, E.coli, Strep, Staph (MRSA)
   97% Airborne mold reduction
   85% Odor reduction
   78% of Microbes in a human sneeze killed at three feet

Why is this so important? Read Poor Indoor Air Quality? PDF

Absolutely Safe to use to Obtain Indoor Air Purification

Friendly Oxidizer IAQ Machine is:
  NOT a filtration device
  NOT a UV light system
  NOT a carbon filter system
  NOT a HEPA filter

Friendly Oxidizer IAQ Machine is a proactive eliminator of indoor air contaminates.

CE Approved    UL Approved    ROHS Approved

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