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Air Cycler - Intelligent Fan Recycler

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AirCyclers are a revolutionary HVAC controller that improves indoor air quality and thermal comfort using your existing forced air heating and cooling system. An inexpensive, simple cost effective system used by many large production and custom builders all across the country to solve Indoor Air Quality issues with energy efficient home construction.

Every home needs some type of ventilation. Inadequate ventilation causes indoor air pollution to accumulate to levels that are harmful to both the home and the health of the occupants. Ventilation dilutes indoor air pollution caused by everyday living.

Air Cycler FR and FR-V Air Cycler FRV - Intelligent Fan Recycler      Documentation     Installation
The FR-V can recycle an outside air damper independently of fan operation to limit ventilation air flow to a specified design.
Item Number: AC-IntFanRecycler-FRV
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