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    Mold Preventing Boards and Trim

Mold preventing wall and ceiling surface

lightweight, low density, cellulose-reinforced calcium silicate board Wall Board

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Wall and Ceiling Board is a lightweight, low density, cellulose-reinforced calcium silicate board. It reduces interior condensation to an optimum level and improves the indoor air quality of a room or structure.
Standard Board Size: 4’ 1-1/4" x 3’ 3-3/8"
Thickness: 1", 1-3/16", 2"
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Dry Reveal Board Reveal Board

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Reveal Board makes it easy to trim doors and windows with same thermal insulation and condensation properties as Wall Board. Easy to cut and install, Reveal Board can compensate for thermal bridges at all wall openings.
Standard dimensions: 250 x 500 mm per board
Thickness: 15 mm
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Dry Wedges & Molding Wedges & Trim

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Calcium silicate insulation wedges and trim boards compensate for thermal bridge effects at ceilings and adjoining walls.   Technical Sheet PDF
Dry Wedges & Molding

System Components:
 Special Adhesive
 Special Filler
 Special Primer
 Anti-Condensation Coating

Board does not contain any mineral fibers or other additives, such as formaldehyde or CFCs and does not release any toxic gases in the event of fire. It provides no breeding ground for mold and no home for insects. Easily cut with circular saw or jigsaw, Dry Board is glued directly to the wall using special adhesive. No drilling, no nails or screws required.

 for the prevention of mold
 to enhance insulation performance
 for the absorption of excess humidity in indoor air
 for the prevention of condensate
 for the creation of a comfortable indoor climate

 made of fiber-reinforced calcium silicate
 high alkalinity prevents growth of mold
 allows high water damp diffusion
 enhances the insulation performance
 light weight
 non combustible
 monolithic structure

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