Indoor Air Quality
    Mold Preventing Interior Insulation

Mold preventing interior insulation

These insulation products provide for effective high insulation on interior walls and promote indoor air quality by eliminating condensation and preventing mold. Easily cut and installed, these interior insulation systems adapt to varied architecture and are an excellent choice for retrofit, renovation and restoration.

Insulation Board
Interior Insulation Board

For use with Mold Preventing Interior System Components, Interior Insulation allows renovation and energy efficient upgrades of historic buildings and older homes with a clean anti-mold surface.
Insulating Foil
Insulation foil for interior insulation

Minimizing radiation heat loss in cold climates, Insulation Foil is highly efficient, since up to 60% of heat is lost by radiation. In warm climates the radiant heat transfer from exterior to interior is reduced up to 98%.

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