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    Mold Preventing Interior System

Monolithic mold preventing interior building system

Mold Preventing Interior System

The Mold Preventing Interior System is a group of components that work together to stop mold from growing even in areas where condensation and natural dampness of ceilings and walls is cronic. Using the capillary activity of natural minerals, surfaces are highly evaporative, keeping walls and ceilings dry and denying mold a place to grow. The system offers solutions for renovation and replacement in historic buildings and older homes as well as new construction. The system is flexible in forming to architectural oddities and offers a wide variety of finishing options.

Active Plaster & Paint Tintable plaster and paint system that neutralizes hazardous pollutants in the air and provides a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Reduces the concentration of pollutants indoors up to 80% within just a few days.

Coatings & Compounds Special Adhesive, Filler, and Primer all work to support the mold preventing action of the interior board. Anti-condensation coating and natural plasters finish the components into a monolithic mold preventing interior.

Interior Boards & Trim Wall and ceiling board, reveal board, wedges and trim made from cellulose-reinforced calcium silicate. Board is easily cut with wood working tools and is light weight for fast installation.

Interior Insulation Board & Foil Interior Insulation Board and Foil allow energy efficiency upgrades while working with the mold preventing system to improve indoor air quality.

Sporicide Fog & Spray Kills mold spores in the air and on surfaces. A required treatment when renovating or replacing water damaged walls and ceilings.

Cuts with power saw Special Adhesive Application Plaster Finish

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