Energy Recovery Ventilators

Introducing the Next Generation
of High Efficiency Energy Recovery Ventilators
Commercial ERV Commercial ERV Systems
Lower energy bills and create a healthier fresh air environment for building occupants. From Small Light Industrial To Large Scale Commercial, we have an ERV Solution To Meet Your Needs.

Commercial ERV Residential ERV Systems
Save money while providing a continuous stream of filtered fresh air into your home without the disadvantages of opening doors and windows.

Item Number: AC-ERV-*
Unit of Issue: EACH
AHRI Certified Approvals

Why use an ERV?

!tinydiamond_lg.gif Reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions. Excellent return on investment.
!tinydiamond_lg.gif Saves capital costs. Reduces required AC size and load.
!tinydiamond_lg.gif No moving parts. A continuous stream of incoming fresh air is created using exhaust air.
!tinydiamond_lg.gif Low maintenance. Simple periodic filter cleaning and replacement is all that is required.
!tinydiamond_lg.gif Improves Indoor Air Quality. An EPA study shows an ERV lowers triggers for allergies, asthma & mold.
!tinydiamond_lg.gif No condensation pan. Air is treated in its vapor state before it has a chance to create damp conditions that encourage mold and mildew.
!tinydiamond_lg.gif An ERV is required by code in many states (ASHRAE & IBC).
!tinydiamond_lg.gif Qualifies for local Utility rebates in many areas.
!tinydiamond_lg.gif Qualifies for LEED points.

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