Orenco On-site Waste Water Treatment Systems

Orenco Systems offers onsite (decentralized) treatment solutions for all sorts of properties: residential and commercial, small flows and large flows, household-strength waste and high-strength waste, poor soils and high groundwater. Orenco’s onsite technologies produce clear, clean, odorless effluent that is 97-99% cleaner, providing “Advanced Wastewater Treatment.”

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Customer benefits of Orenco On-Site Wastewater Treatment:
1. Lower life cycle costs.
2. No lift stations required.
3. Reduce or eliminate burden on municipal central wastewater plant.
4. Remote, web based monitoring capability.
5. No odor.
6. Lower maintenance versus standard wastewater systems.
7. Reduced environmental impact.

Orenco Waste Water Treatment Systems are child-proof, with tamper-resistant bolts, yet easy to access and maintain. They include a limited, three-year warranty on all materials and workmanship, as long as the homeowner’s service contract remains in force. A Homeowner’s Manual, available in English and Spanish versions, is provided to help households use their system correctly.

The system has five main functional parts:   
1. Web-based monitoring system
2. Processing tank
3. Biotube® pumping package
4. AdvanTex filter
5. Recirculating splitter valve
  The AdvanTex® Treatment System is a recirculating packed bed filter that uses a highly absorbent engineered textile for the treatment media.
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