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Insul-Deck panels are steel-reinforced, foamed plastic insulation boards used as permanent, stay-in-place concrete Formwork for cast-in-place floor and roof construction. Reinforced concrete
joists are spaced at 24″ [610mm] on center and poured monolithically with the slab to form a T-Beam reinforced concrete structure.Insul-Deck concrete forming panels are available in several thicknesses / beam-depths to allow varying spans and loads of the one-way concrete slabs. Each Insul-Deck panel is custom-cut to the exact length required and reinforced with two continuous, galvanized steel, Z-shaped furring strips (22 Gauge [0.8mm thickness]), which provide attachment points for ceiling finishes and serve as secondary shoring/formwork support. Primary shoring
must be designed and erected as per shoring supplier, project engineer, or applicable building codes (see below).Insul-Deck panels do not provide any permanent structural support. Structural support is provided by the reinforced concrete joists and slab topping only, which need to be designed by a licensed engineer in accordance with ACI 318, ACI 301, or other applicable standards.

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