Energy Saving Electric Home Upgrade Kit

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Additional Information and Specifications: “We are proud to offer eco-friendly products in environmentally sound packaging made from recycled paperboard and soy-based inks.

The Eco-$mart Electric Home Upgrade Kit features the most popular of our energy saving products in a convenient, easy-to-install kit. It is an effective way to do something, right now, to save money on electric bills and do your part to conserve energy and resources. In addition to the eco-friendly products, the kit contains every-day energy saving tips that can make your home or building more efficient. The kit is delivered in environmentally sound packaging made from recycled paperboard and soy-based inks.

Kit Includes:
(3) CFL Light Bulb Set: – X0413M
(13W, 20W, and 23W, one each) These energy-efficient CFL bulbs last 12,000 hours in their lifetime. Provide lighting equivalent to conventional, incandescent light bulbs while using 78% less electricity.
(12) Draft Stoppers – X4013V
(4) Switch Gaskets, (8) Outlet Gaskets This product replaces the empty space behind switch and outlet plates with insulation to prevent drafts.
Air Filter Whistle – X9150K Snap this product onto furnace filters to hear a whistle when the filter is full and needs replacement. Cleaning your furnace filter regularly saves energy and money.
Refrigerator Thermometer – X9173G Use in the refrigerator or freezer to determine whether settings are energy-efficient. Comes with a magnet and has adhesive backing so it can be mounted virtually anywhere.
Energy Wheel – X9117 A convenient energy conservation tool, the energy wheel gives users helpful tips on ways to conserve energy every day.
Lime Light – X1202 – X1202 This flat plug-in glow-in-the-dark electroluminescent night light uses only 26 cents worth of electricity a year for 100,000 hours in its lifetime!”

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