Lighting Glossary ] Energy Efficient Lighting Lamp Specification PDF

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Fluorescent Lighting Induction Lighting
Circular Fluorescent Ceiling Dome
Fluorescent Fixtures

A wide range of energy saving fixtures from lay-in troffers to decorative lamps.

T8 Lamps
Fluorescent Lamps

Tubes, Compact and Spiral Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Parking Lot Photo: Everlast®
Induction Light Fixtures

 Outdoor & Security
 Street & Walk

Induction Lamps / Ballasts

Self and Remote Ballasted Lamps. Replacement or retrofit.

LED Lamps & Fixtures for Retrofit and Replacement
High Output LED Fixtures
High Output LED Fixtures

Low Watts with high power and better light.

High Output LED Screw Based Lamps
High Output LED Screw Based Lamps

Direct replacement of HID lamps, indoor and outdoor.

HID Retrofit LED Lights
LED Retrofit for HID Lighting

Virtually any HID fixture can be retrofitted with LED. Made in USA.

HID Retrofit LED Lights
High Output LED Retrofit for HID Lighting

Retrofit up to 1500 Watt HID. Made in USA.

LED Replacement and Retrofit Bulbs and Lamps
LED Replacement Lamps

Replace conventional lamps with energy saving LED

Wildlife Lighting Approved Lamps Wildlife Lighting Approved
Turtle Lights

A19 and R30 bulbs
HID Retrofit
Peak spectral output of 588 nanometers

Retrofit or Replace:
 Mercury Vapor    Metal Halide    High Pressure Sodium    Incandescent     Flood Lights     Flourescent 

Solar Lights Solar Wind Hybrid
EZLight Solar Powered House Numbers
EZ-View Solar Powered House Numbers

Wireless Lighted Address Numbers

Solar Coach & Community Lights
Coach & Community Lights

Low maintenance solar LED lighting for parks, parking, streets and docks

Solar Energy Lights the Way
Outdoor Lights

Solar Powered Outdoor Lights with style. From ornate walk lights to brilliant artistic lights

Solar Street Lights
Solar Street Lights

Modular Plug-in Components combine to match conditions in the area of installation

Hybrid Solar Wind LED Street Light
Solar Wind Street Light

Free standing. Off the grid! Sun and wind power for a remarkably reliable street light.

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