Fluorescent Fixtures  

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Decorative Fluorescent Fixtures
Circular Fluorescent Ceiling Dome
Circular Fluorescent
Ceiling Dome

22 Watts, 13 to 15 inch round, many popular finishes.

Fluorescent Torchieres

Dimmable lamp with up to 70% reduction in energy use. In three decorative finishes.

Wall and Coach Lanterns
Wall and Coach Lanterns

13 Watts with built in Electronic Ballast for indoor and outdoor applications.

Utility Fluorescent Fixtures
Electronic Ballasts for T8 Lamps
Electronic Ballasts
for T8 Lamps

Efficiently power T8 lamps for low energy use with consistent operation.

Linkable Undercounter Fluorescent Fixture
Linkable Undercounter
Fluorescent Fixture

Low profile, low watt fixture for tight places. Suitable for shelves and display cabinets. Linked with power cords sold seperately.

Lay-in Troffers
Lay-in Troffers
for T8 Lamps

For two 2’ T8 lamps. Includes specular 2-lamp reflector and prismatic lens.

High Output High Bay
Linear T5-T8 High
Output High Bay

Replaces existing 400W metal halide fixtures in high or medium height applications using only 234W per fixture

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