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A tintable plaster and paint system that neutralizes hazardous pollutants in the air and provides a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. The finish stays white permanently because of its self cleaning properties. Based on titanium dioxide, a food safe pigment found in toothpaste, it reduces the concentration of pollutants indoors up to 80% within just a few days. It neutralizes odors including cigarette smoke, destroys germs, mold spores, bacteria, airborne dust particles, and more.

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 for application on mineral surfaces on walls and ceilings
 for depollution and catalytic air purification
 neutralizing odors in all areas, in housing space as well as in commercial and industrial premises

 degradation of pollutants
 decomposition of nicotine and tobacco odors
 decomposition of unpleasant odors like from cooking
 catalytic performance with natural and artificial light
 no decrease in catalytic performance over product life time
 provides a healthy and comfortable air quality

Air Cleaning Active Plaster and Paint

Compatible Components:
 Mold Preventing Board
 Interior Insulation Board
 Special Filler
 Special Primer

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