Street & Walk Induction Lighting

Street Light
Cobra Head Street Light
Cobra Head
150W - 250W
Type III Cobra Head Smart Light 40W - 120w
Extreme Energy EfficiencyCobra Head Smart Light
40W - 120W
Shoe Box Light
Extreme Energy EfficiencyShoe Box
70W - 100W Smart Light
• 70W - 100W
• 200W - 250W
Walk Light Stand-alone Street Light
Acorn Walk Light
Extreme Energy EfficiencyAcorn
Smart Light
Globe Walk Light
Walk Light
Solar Wind Hybrid Free Standing Street Light Solar Wind Induction Street Light
Hybrid of Photo Voltaic and Wind Power
performs under all conditions!

The first remote induction street light, powered by Photovoltaic Cells and a Wind Turbine. Energy-efficient, sensor controlled induction lamps make this green technology possible. Compact in size, free-standing and completely off the grid.

Extreme Energy Efficiency SMART LIGHTS! When low wattage induction lighting is equipped with a step dimming ballast and sensor control, they become extremely energy efficient. The Smart Light features step-dimming and on/off sensor controls to increase pedestrian safety and decrease energy use. Made in the USA.
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