Eco-rubber Stone Pavers
Eco-rubber Recycled Outdoor Surfaces

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 Eco-rubber Pavers - Color Variants


Recycled Materials85% to 100%
Recycled Rubber

Eco-Rubber Stone Pavers have the look and feel of stone, but are light weight and easy to install. They have the strength, longevity and durability of stone as well, with the added bonus of being environmentally sound.

Recycled Source Cobblestone Cobblestones functional design provides excellent durability and slip resistance in high traffic areas. Designed to look as beautiful as real stone yet provide amazing comfort under foot. Recycled Source Flagstones Flagstones The realistic look, texture and durability of Eco-Rubber Flagstones matches that of real stone, making them perfect for paths, steps,patios, and residential playgrounds.
Recycled Rubber Walk and Stepping Stones Stepping Stones provide excellent flexibility in design. Perfect for natural landscapes where nature often changes the route of pathways and walks. Recycled Rubber Walk & Driveway Paving Stones Tilestones Unique fabrication provides surprising comfort, a safe, non-slip surface and unmatched durability. Easy to install tile design is excellent for high traffic areas.