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Eco-rubber Stone Pavers
    Stepping Stones

For paths and trails

Stepping Stones inspire ideas in landscaping creativity. Given the unique look, texture and sustainability of natural stone. Stepping Stones provide beauty and versatility in outdoor surfacing. Created specifically to be light-weight, durable, low-maintenance and easy to install, makes them ideal for walkways, trails, and ornamental applications. Ideal for gardens and wild areas that change occasionally with nature or by design.

Stepping Stones are manufactured using 85% post consumer material derived from the auto and truck tire waste stream, reducing the negative impact on our environment.

Pathstone Paver
Weight: 7 lbs each  Packaging: 100 per pallet
Colors: Kentucky Grey, Rosa, Sandstone & Sepia Brown
Kentucky GreyRosaSandstoneSepia Brown
Colors will vary with screen and printer configuration.
Stepping Stone Dimensions Ecologically Friendly

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