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Eco-rubber Stone Pavers

Look and durability of stone

Flagstones are the ultimate in up-scale, residential outdoor living. They are designed using innovative technology to manufacture a sustainable yet beautiful landscape surfacing product. The realistic look, texture and durability of Eco-rubber Flagstones matches that of real stone, making them perfect for paths, steps, patios, and residential playgrounds.

Flagstones are made of 88% post-consumer material derived from SBR rubber buffings from the tire recapping industry reducing pollution from landfill and incineration.

Full FlagstoneHalf Flag Stone Colors: Kentucky Grey, Rosa & Sepia Brown
Kentucky GreyRosaSepia Brown
Colors will vary with screen and printer configuration.
Flagstone Dimensions

FULL - Weight: 31 lbs each  Packaging: 64 per pallet
HALF - Weight: 15.4 lbs each  Packaging: 128 per pallet
The Beauty of Stone

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