Eco-$mart Eco-Rubber

Eco-Rubber is a water permeable, slip-resistant and impact absorbing surface for indoor or outdoor flooring and paving applications. Made from recycled rubber, Eco-Rubber is ecologically sound reducing the pollution of incineration and the waste of landfill commonly seen with discarded tires and other rubber products. It’s economically smart because we use only the finest recycled rubber and the most brilliant color granules to create a tough, colorful, low maintenance surface that will last and last. Eco-Rubber’s interlocking system provides an efficient, accurate and secure installation that saves time as well.

Equestrian Facility
Equestrian Surface

Exceptional durability, comfort, and slip resistance. Equestrian pavers are easy to install and virtually maintenance-free. Create safe, healthy and beautiful conditions for all equine activities.

Golf Facility & Landscape
Golf Facility & Landscape

Environmentally sustainable line of golf facility & landscape surfaces. Golf Path, Pro-shop Tiles and Distance Markers. Spike resistant, slip resistant surfaces for long lasting comfort and safety.

Landscape & Safety
For Landscaping & Play areas

Pour In Place recycled rubber surface for safety, low-maintenance, and appeal. Flexible Curbing replaces old landscaping with an environmentally safe material that is resilient and durable.

Playground & Roof Deck
Eco-Rubber Playground & Safety Tiles

Interlocking Tilesform a resilient, comfortable surface with safety from slips and falls. For playgrounds, sports centers and roof decks, anywhere a slip resistant, safety surface is desired.

Playground & Patio
Eco-Rubber Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor Tiles are water permeable, slip resistant, and impact absorbing providing a dry, comfortable surface for roof decks, patios, and playgrounds.

Sport Mat
Eco-Rubber Gym Mat

Resilient Mat is suitable for any application requiring slip resistance, wear resistance, noise reduction, safety, low maintenance, impact absorbing and an attractive appearance.

Tile Pavers
Eco-Rubber Low Impact Pavers

Low Impact Pavers are an attractive addition to any establishment. The flexible porous surface makes Eco-Rubber the solution for new construction or renewal of existing surfaces.

Stone Pavers
Eco-Rubber Gym Mat

Cobblestones, Flagstones and more, Eco-Rubber Stone Pavers look and feel like real stone, yet are light-weight and easy to install. Most of all, they remove discarded tires from the waste stream.

With Eco-Rubber’s Flexible Surface and Flexible Application, we’ve got any surface covered.
 Sports Facilities
 Golf Courses
 Community Centers
 Side Walks
 Garden Walks
 Locker Rooms
 Fitness Centers
 Skating Rinks
 Day Care Centers
 Pool Decks
 Dog Runs
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