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Eco-Rubber Tiles turn any playground, patio or roof deck into a safe, dry, colorful and fun place to live and play. Eco-Rubber is water permeable - no puddles! And the slip resistant surface means secure footing for little feet. Eco-Rubber absorbs impact so it is much safer than concrete or asphalt surfaces. The finest recycled rubber, highest quality color granules, and consistent controlled manufacturing produce a surface that is strong, durable and retains its color for years to come.

Eco-Rubber Tiles feature a self aligning, interlocking system that provides easy and accurate installation. The interlocks provide a secure installation discouraging vandalism and eliminating trip hazards. Finishing accessories are available to meet your design needs. Tiles can be installed over concrete, asphalt, wood, and soft ground.

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 ER-Tile, ERT

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Who benefits?
 Community Centers
 Day Care Centers
 Play Grounds
 We all do! 

Every Eco-Rubber Tile removes four rubber tires from our nations landfills and incinerators.

Installation Accessories
catecorubber_tile2.jpg (24.2kb)  Impact Absorbing
 Low Maintenance
 Low Noise
 Slip Resistant
 Water Permeable
 Dent Resistant
 Stain Resistant
Day Care Patio
Made from Recycled Materials Eco-Rubber is manufactured using recycled rubber, reducing pollution from incineration and landfill typically used for discarding worn out tires.