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The durability and cushioned resilience of Golf Path Pavers allows for the creation of practical, comfortable, and visually stunning landscaping. Dense recycled rubber composition not only contributes toward environmental sustainability, but easily supports the weight of heavy traffic of golf carts and spikes, without retaining significant damage or wear. The easy installation and low maintenance of Golf Path Paver tiles makes them a practical addition to the landscape of any golfing facility.

dotAvailable in 1-3/4 full pavers or 7/8 split pavers.
dotSlip resistant, wet or dry. dotSuperior shock absorption. dotIdeal for outdoor applications!

Can be loose laid or fully adhered. Transition edging is available. Can be cut with a band saw or utility knife.

Dimensions Thickness/Weight
7-3/4 (20cm)
    x 6-1/4 (16cm)
        x 4-3/8 (11cm)
7/8- (21.5mm)
1.17 lb/pc
1-3/4- (43mm)
2.49 lb/pc

Item Number: ER-Golf-PathPaver

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Create Pavement Patterns
Available in
Black, Terra Cotta Red,
Forest Green, and Sand
Made from Recycled Materials Eco-Rubber is manufactured using recycled rubber, reducing pollution from landfill and incineration.